Friday, October 1, 2010


A medical student who did practical posting at the hospital I'm currently working in gave me this link.

I was very surprised cos I found this....



It's's mine!!!

It was written way back in 2006 when I was struggling with my final exam...

The exam that made me what I am today..

Gee...looking back at the "chicken soup for the soul", I can't believe that I wrote that. Tulisan senget2 yang paling tak tahan tu!haha...I just can't imagine how I was able to come out with those words. Hmmmm...was it originally mine or I copied it somewhere???!!..haha..lupa dah.

I was the most demotivated student in my batch.

But I guess it's normal. I do believe that you have your own inspirational words when you were a student last time...plastered it onto the wall, your closet, your mirror, your door, your bed..anywhere easy to be seen, so that you won't slack..

Now that we are working, we don't need that anymore..errrr...wrong!!

We do need it..but now no longer do we write it on a piece of paper..

BUT..not my husband.

He is a very motivated man..(proud of him ;p). Even now, he still have his inspirational words written in a paper, and he kept it in his book, his wallet, and he even have it plastered on the wall...

One of his favourite is.."Gandi proved the world wrong"

Yeah..I kept hearing him repeating it a lot whenever he tries to convince me whenever my action are out of the norm :)

Soo, what's your words of wisdom?? :)


0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

hahaha.. bile flash back balik zaman dulu2 memang funny.

bride2wife said...

Lawak habis! haha

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I always have this whenever things go wrong:

God says YES and He gives you what you want.
God says NO and He gives you something better.
God says WAIT and He gives you the best in His own time.

I have those comforting words since I was 16. Until today. :)

bride2wife said...

Farah, heard of that before..!!'s very very very comforting...and it just tells you to be grateful of what you have now

saltvinegar said...

Wow damn cute.. ur khazanah found you!

nadiah said...

kalau x silap tu kan lirik nasyid UNIC =)

bride2wife said...

haha..'it' found me ya...

serious?..tak penah dgr lagu dia. Maybe i got it somewhere.. :)

Harteeny said...

I too love reading through my old journals. :) Hey babe, just realize that my poyo-pengakap face was in your montage! haha. lawaks.

Anonymous said...

I like ur blog! ;)

MiLuViA said...

hahaha. we found it ms kemas2 bilik waktu da habes exam final year. i think it was still pasted somwhere in the room tk sangka u manage to find it in my blog.

fatin said...

i just had my final med exams a couple of months ago and i swear i have motivational notes sounding just like this one stashed somewhere! haha.

whatever it takes to get us through the days, no?

your post totally made me smile :D

bride2wife said...

surprissssseee!!!!saja nak bg zukry tgk...haha

@diana azhar
another b2b?.yayy!... :)
will link u..ok

that final year student must be ur ok jumpa balik my "khazanah" :)

hello there...
soo, does the motivational notes work for u? ;)
becoming bridezilla now ya... enjoy the moment! :)

ohcalamity said...

yeah they did. i thought they were very foofy, and that i was the only one who did them. but apparently not la kan? haha.

my boyfriend used to laugh at them but yes, they were very useful. i should post one of them up la one of this days.

am waiting for my HO posting. wish me luck! :)

bride2wife said...

hello u..
good luck and enjoy with your HO training! :)