Sunday, October 17, 2010


Early Saturday morning Saleha texted me to tell that Taufiq Shariff has passed away due to metastasize brain tumor. I had a shock of my was such a loss to us. I feel glad that I did a review about his talent..and it was such an honour to have him dropped a comment on my entry.

Al Fatihah.


Due to the long holiday that I took for my Sarawak trip last week, I had to work this weekend to give way for my other colleagues to enjoy their weekend. I had to do EOD (every other day) calls, so does my husband. For those who are not familiar with the terms, it just means that eg: on Friday I'll be on duty from 8am until 8am the next day, get a Saturday off, then will be on duty again on Sunday 8am until 8am the next day, and will continue working 8am to 5pm as usual on Monday. Geddit??

Sometimes, to think about it, it is stressful and tiring. That's the reason why, me and husband will travel back to KL every week, even for only couple of hours. I need my retail therapy and husband needs his pool session, and both of us need a GOOD food :) to de-stress ourselves.

I was oncall on Friday. The next day, we went back to KL no matter how tired we were. Husband dropped me at OU while he went to play pool @ Kota Damansara.

Blamed it on him, to leave me all alone in a shopping mall, I got myself few stuff...

A flat sandle from LEWRE....

A casual top from WAREHOUSE...I couldn't resist, it was love at first sight ;)

It looks lika a caftan and I can wear it both with jeans and kain. How cool...hehe

The SA also showed me this....

..the top is sooooo me, and I love the colour... I didn't buy it cos I don't want to go home hearing someone nagging at me...hehehe ;p

Finally... this one...blame it on Fathiyah and Farah for promoting it to me..haha. Kidding girls! :)

This scrub can also be use as a mask you know. The SA taught me to apply it like how you apply a normal liquid mask and wait for 3 minutes for it to dry up. After that, apply some water to your hands, then lather up to scrub. Wallahhh...2 in 1.


I was sooo happy with all my purchases today and I had fun spending time with husband eventhough we both felt exhausted.


On the other hand, I'm pretty sure all of you heard about the 2011 Budget right?..I was ecstatic to hear that maternity leave will be extended to 90 days for government servant. It means more time to bond with your baby..and more time to breastfeed. I don't believe in formula milk, eventhough I know there are times when we need it, and I know it's not easy to maintain exclusive breastfeeding especially for the first 6 months for the baby...


Ok, enough for today. Time to sleep.

esok oncall...pfftt..

Nite nite.


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

There was a reason indeed why God didn't want me to take up medicine. I was offered to do medicine overseas but I was well in the middle of doing my A Level. Confused because becoming a Paed was my dream but I just hated Biology then. Performed the Istikharah and here I am, an engineer by profession.

Hearing how tiring and exhausting it is from my doc friends, and now from you, I don't know if I would be strong enough. I still work late thru the nights but at least, I get my weekends off. But it's okay, a doctor is the most honourable and respectable job,in my humble opinion :)

90 days maternity leave, lucky you guys! We have 60 days je. UK has 6 months maternity leave. Cool gile kan?

Oh, and you bought the scrub! Hehehe. I sometimes use it as mask too :)

missbutterfly said...

hey.nice top!

bride2wife said...

you once considered to become a Pediatrician??cayalah...hehe. I'm enjoying myself in Paeds now, last time i hated me, kids/babies are aliens!! now i'm hooked! hopefully i can get into the master programme.

your stories remind me of my friend. she got an offer to pursue medicine abroad. she did her istikaharah and she got a dream..a picture of her in a whitecoat. at the end, she didn't accept the offer, instead she followed her instinct..Alhamdulillah, sekarang she's doing master in engineering (tak tau major in apa)

Im pretty sure you are doing very very well with your current position now babe!

bride2wife said...

...i love the colour of ur green top!