Thursday, October 28, 2010

20.10.2010 and a garden wedding

Don't you all think that 20.10.2010 is such a charming date??..

It is to me :)

Eventhough, it fell on a weekday (Wednesday), don't be surprise cos there are people who still chooses the date to get married or even engaged!! :)

Some people are very particular of their yearly observance date...unlike me, I don't really look at it much, otherwise I would have chosen 10.10.10 to be my special date..hehe

That time (to me), lagi cepat lagi bagus!!!haha..*GATAL MODE*

However a friend came up to me,

"Eh Tahirah, pandai awak pilih date kan? 3rd July 2010 ... 3+7=10"


Never crossed my mind!..


A cousin had her akad on 20.10.2010, cum her birthdate too..lucky her! :)

She chose yellow as the theme colour...YELLOW?I love it! It makes the pictures look radiant!!

She had Fad Manaf as the official photographer...

Jealous much?? sweet sangat kan..

Fad Manaf is the kind of a photographer who is getting better and better each day...don't you guys agree?

The coming Saturday, Kak Fairoza had her dream "come true" garden reception..exciting part for me was it was held at Taman Rimba TTDI..(hehe)..and Chenta Weddings was the wedding planner!!!

Everyone had a blast..including me! :)

The reception was set up at the grassy side of Taman Rimba....different from mine, I chose the tarry side cos I was afraid it might rain.

I was wrong then!!
Chenta Wedding had all the marquee tent set up daysssss before the reception..
Although it was raining during the day, the ground didn't get wet/muddy at all!!!..

I don't have to worry I'll stain my caftan or spoil my new sandle..hehe :)

The ambience.....aahhh-so nice! She had hundredssssssss of lantern!!!!!!!

..and chiavari chairsssssss!!!!

Cos I don't get to have it for my wedding, maka duduk la lama2 amik feeling, boleh? ;p

They don't have a classic guestbook like other weddings, but they do have a wishing tree or should I call it a wishing branch ;)

Not only that...Chenta Weddings also provided a photo-booth for those who loooooove to cam-whore...

..especially for the cuzziess :)

Not to forget, the fascinating garden concept dais :)

3 pieces of cute, yummy and colourful macaroons as the doorgift...IRRESISTABLE!!!

The 4-tier cake that I've never dream of for my wedding..cos I know it's expensive..haha.

Pssstt..She even had it for post-nikah reception!!! ;)

We had a Chinese course sit down dinner..

Sedap sampai berebut2..hehe..licin ok, though meja we all tak cukup 10 pax. Hehe.

There are soo many other deco and things which I find really2 interesting...such as the walkways, the aisle, the gazebo, the table centrepiece, etc..unfortunately, I don't have a nice photos to share..even if I do, I'm pretty sure it doesn't bring any justice to Chenta Weddings hardwork!!

Worry can now find them at Facebook. Go visit them for better and clearer picture..and of drool over their work on weddings!!!...aaaaand don't forget to 'Like' them ok!! :)

To Sarah, it was nice meeting you that night dear. You did a splendid job for Kak Fairoza's dream wedding and I know you gave it all out!!..It must have been more hectic to plan for others wedding than your own..hehe. Congrats again babe!!!

Two thumbs up for Chenta Weddings :) xoxo


aziraarif said... nye...buat mlm mmg lagi best...tak panas...make up pun tak cair..
sigh..tak penah lagi attend garden wedding..

Cik Belle said...

tahirah! cantiknya wedding cousin u! i love her dais!!! and the cake too! owh, chiavari chairs too. wah, semua nak like!! bestnya! =)

missbutterfly said...

ha..dh tgk kt FB..seriously cantik! eh..btw nice kaftan!hehehehe

Sha Pattinson said...

what a lovely weddings ...well done to sarah she did a good job and lucky to the bride n groom sangat cantik ....

amElyn said...

i just found your blog!
i got married on Oct 10th.hehe
follow u dear~ xoxo

bride2wife said...

memang best garden wedding :)

soon i'm sure i'm gonna like your wedding too cik belle!hehe...

Cantik kan Chenta Weddings buat :)

Hi sha..very well done :)

hey..selamat pengantin baru!!
i dah link u :)

ZARA said...

Well... if it wasnt for our anniversary i would have change to any weekdays as well, not because of the date, but just because to be different.

Anyway, mmg truly beautiful the wedding, sangat lah talented si sarah tu!!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

semua chantek..... suka-suka. tengok sambil senyum2 feeling2 mcm wedding sendiri plak. hehehe...

Dita Lolita said...

cantik gile hokeh!!!!i love it!really... ^_^

bride2wife said...

You are like my husband! he insisted on having our wedding on weekdays, and dia nak morning reception..soo that we can offer breakfast buffet..lain dari yang lain katanya!..hehe..

org yg dah kahwin ni pon senyum2 berangan mcm wedding sendiri ok!hehe..

cantik kan :)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Babeeee!! Thank you so much for the review and kind compliments! And it was awesome meeting you that night.. Chit chat punya chit chat; completely forgot to take a photo with you.. =/

bride2wife said...

hey..ya photo!hessshhh...

abie said...

hi my bdate is 3rd july hehe :D saje menyibuk :P