Tuesday, September 21, 2010

our video montage

I've been neglecting my blog, I know.. :)

Raya holiday was just fun, and coming back to work today is no fun :( hehe..

How was your long Raya leave? I had a blast! Alhamdulillah I got to spent my first day of Raya with both sides of families (as our parent's house is just 15mins distance away)...and paling best, I got duit Raya from husband!! all the single ladies out there, cepat2 la kahwin!hehe..this type of duit Raya naik tiap2 tahun ok!..haha.. InshaAllah ;p 10 days holiday was just H.E.A.V.E.N. I've been spending it with my loved ones and I'm soo grateful for that, and updating blog was the last thing that I wanna do...hehe

Ok..this just gonna be a short entry

Last entry on my wedding, I did not conclude my 'hilarious' wedding montage (basically a montage that makes me look silly) simply cos I did not know how to upload it!! ( can laugh at me!)

Thanks to Saleha, as the creator of the montage, she uploaded it at her blog

We had it played during the reception while having dinner..and to my surprise (and Saleha), most of the crowd did pay attention to the montage showing, some came forward to the front to get a clearer view of the montage and they seemed to enjoy it!!!!..Alhamdulillah. Kudos to Saleha..She did an excellent job, considering that we shoot the video 2 days before the event!

For those who like to see the montage, click here..(but I would like to warn you first) excuse myself in the video..the messiness of my tudung andthe tired face and the panda eyes and the repetitive words and yada..yada..yada!! I was a nervous wreck in front of camera and suddenly became stuttered!..ahhh..malu..malu..but I still wanna share with you all cos I should do justice to Saleha's workmanship, kan Saley? ;)

Terima Kasih Saleha!..muahh..muahhh.. ;p


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

Hi sis, nora dah tengok, sweeet !! gambar masa baby comey2 hehe sis grad UKM ek. same with me =) k thumps up for this handmade video k selamat hari raya =)

eila said...

hi dear... wahhh dah berjaya u tukar layout ur blog.... good job.. lama i x on komp.. bz sgt... sukalah ur video...

nowicannotspeak said...

haha thanks yah! ;p

missbutterfly said...

hehe..comel jer..ur husband nampak mcm cool gitu..haha and u plk vice versa. :)

Nor Aishah said...

yeah it's DIFFERENT!

Enor said...'s DIFFERENT!

bride2wife said...

yeah..hidup ukm!hehe..thumbs up for Saleha who made it happen

yesss..berjaya jugak :) betul la yg macam eila ajar tu, but i was too 'blur' last time.. haha

thanks to u!!!

bride2wife said...

husband i nampak cool kan :) me nampak kelam kabut and ganas sikit kan..hehe

enoooorrrr..awak mangsa keadaan kan..kena ikut saleha ke sana ke sini..hehe

Squarecut Ring said...

Selamat hari raye tahirah! ^_^ I got duit raya from fiance too. *lepas di pakse* hehehe.

*tgh tunggu video buffer....lalalala* hehehe

bride2wife said...

Selamat hari raya Liyana!..wah, belum kahwin dah dpt duit raya..mana aci! hehe...