Friday, September 24, 2010

A Necessity

After months of marriage, finally me and husband bought one of essential needs in a house.....

a washing machine.....

and a dryer...(ye..I'm a lazy bugger!)

The plus point to it, both are 2 in 1!!!

We bought a Samsung Front Load Washer Dryer

I've been persuading my husband to buy one since ages ago (padahal baru je kahwin..hehe) cos it would be easier for me...sending clothes to a laundry shop once a week is not a fun thing to do..

"Will you have time to do the laundry?"
"Wait until we settle down in KL la"
"Why bother yourself??..just send to the laundry shop"
"Why do you want to waste your time handling the laundries?"..

Wasting time, excuse meee???!!sebenarnya dia yang malas kalau kena sidai baju kan!!..(he already admit that to me..haha)

That was part of my husband's 1001 excuses..

Soo, yeah..finally he changed his mind after he sort of realized that sending clothes to the laundry shop every once/twice a week will only be wasting our time (we need to travel about 10mins to get to the quite satisfactory laundry shop), energy (have to drive back and forth-hantar and pick up), aaaaaaaand money (absolutely!!)

The washing machine was a bit pricey, but it's a long term investment..if we can spend thousands on a handbag, why not for necessities kan? ..oh, lagipon Samsung is having a Raya promotion until 30th September whereby they're offering lots of freebies...

We got a grill microwave oven worth RM600+ F.O.C!! (solved my problem of finding one!!)

Months back, our dear Heed, blogged about 'washing machine'..refer to this. At that time, it did not really catch my attention cos I was too obsessed thinking about wedding..Heed wrote about comparison between a top loader and a front loader washing machine..both has their own dis/advantages..we need to know about it before getting ourselves one (SA, they are very helpful also) and of cos, ask from someone with experiences --> our moms (plural ok..jgn lupa MIL ;p )

Now that I am married, I scrolled down her archieve and read the post again..haha...I guess that's normal for us..mula2 excited bout wedding, then we will automatically move on talking about life after marriage..baru la sebok2 nak beli Tupperware lah, pegi Home & Kitchen Ware Department la, rajin pegi IKEA lah, berkejar2 pegi AUSSINO sale la, belajar nama2 ikan la, etc..etc (yes..I'm referring to myself!!..haha)...

Well, I enjoyed every second of it...and I'm enjoying myself in this new phase of life..

Alhamdulillah... :)


Squarecut Ring said...

happy nye. ^_^ tetibe i imagine my fiance bersungguh2 beli barang2 electric. sure I yg kne tunggu berjam2. huuu *_*

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I love shopping for household items! Whenever I got to a department store, the first thing that me and my boyfriend always check is their household section. So fun weh! Sometimes we get so excited, wanting to buy this and that that we forget we have a wedding to fund. What a bummer. Hehehe. For now, shopping for those stuff has to be put on hold. Else, tak kawen la kitorang nanti. Hehhh.

bride2wife said...

lucky la if ur fiancee yg bersungguh2 beli..u just goyang kaki je liyana...

Fathiyah said...

its normal dear
lps kawen, i terus obses dgn tupperware, vision & corelle punya barang.every month i beli sampai kene warning dgn husband.haha. dah addict kot.hehe. tp mmg best beli brg rumah nih.self satisfaction =)

Moose said...

i prefer front load over top load. because i think front load is more water saver and lot sturdy (in built). tapi my fiance prefers top load.

tapi best kan shopping for household?

bride2wife said...

Farah..bagusnya korang! i dulu kalau keluar berdating mesti for ronggeng2..haha. tak penahla terfikir about future home :)
u got a year to save money (thats a lot of time!!)... :)

mahal la corelle...i tak penah beli lagi, sayang rasa duit..haha
as for now, pakai je pinggan mangkuk dapat time kahwin aritu :)

the SA pon cakap front load saves more water than the top load, and apparently he said it cleans better too :)

nowicannotspeak said...

babe, nak request washing machine utk wedding present bole? muahahaha.. ok2 jk ;p

bitsANDpieces said...

good choice ehhh, ada dryer lagi!! woot woot!

plus ada free microwave lagi... ah jeles. tak sabar nak shopping for household items pulak. hehe

bride2wife said...

detergent mampula babe..haha

woot...woot... ;p