Monday, September 6, 2010

The Garden Reception (iii) of food and entertainment

Hey..hey..what do you think bout the new look of my blog??..I lurve it! hehe

I promised myself to finish all entries bout my wedding before end of August, tapi semua tak kesampaian...dah basi, tunggu lagi lama lagi basi..but this is for my own keepsake ok..I will still write it

Soo..this time is about food and entertainment..

We had about 800 of people attended the reception..(from both side) me, it was kinda difficult not to have everybody invited..some tertanya2 nape tak ajak..oh well...can't answer that myself..

To cater quite a number of people within the limited space, buffet would be a better choice..mula2 ada terfikir nak buat stall style, but again, the limited spaces doesn't permit me..

Buffet at night can be quite challenging..cos everybody will come at one-go, plus the night of 3rd July tu ada World-cup football match (ARGENTINA vs GERMANY)..lagi la semua nak dtg awal, balik pon awal. Soo, untuk mengelakkan org ramai berebut or beratur panjang2, we offered quite a number of dishes..

From our main caterer, we ordered nasi beriyani (+ nasi putih) with standard lauks..of cos la kena ada nasi beriyani kan. Nama pon wedding wedding ke, hall/hotel wedding ke, ocean wedding ke, tak sah kalau tak de nasi beriyani. Apart from that we also ordered mee/ bihun rebus/ soup, rojak buah, teh tarik, ABC and myself tak merasa langsung all those food...soo, can't comment much..(tapi time food testing, nasi beriyani dia mmg sedap..)

What I wanted to promote here was the grilled lamb a.k.a kambing golek. We had it ordered from a guy called Pak Ngah. My family were soo used to him, from my engagement until akikah for my nieces. The baby lamb never failed to melt our tastebud. The meat was very succulent and tender and salivating right now!! tak caya tanya Kak Wanie and Ashylla sendiri..hehe..

Being the pengantin that night, haruslah tak dapat rasa..We ordered a total of 7 ekor kambing and 40kgs of ayam to make sure everybody can have a portion. Another good thing was, it came with a lot of side dishes such as mushroom soup, boiled veges (carrot, green peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes), garlic bread, mashed potatoes..(and u can add fried rice as an option)... apart from black pepper and mint sauce. Another good thing wassss...the price was very much the same as other caterers who normally offered RM700-850 per kambing but with lesser side dishes..(did my survey beforehand).. MIL initially opted for kambing Al Rawsha, but after she tasted the one from Pak Ngah she asked for the contact number (untuk rujukan masa hadapan!) hehehe......

pictures taken during my engagement

Now comes the dessert...

Apart from ABC, cendol, rojak and whatnot, we have the sweet candies and lollies from the candy buffet...yess..its impossible to provide a candy buffet for all the guests. I know some of you might think that it is ridiculous to have it for a large number of crowd, but to me, this is something new. That's why I want it for my wedding. You may not be able to cater the candies to everyone, but trust me..not all would want it. Some would just want to see what's the commotion all about when they see the hustling and bustling around the table...and that adds to the excitement of the night..hehehe. Some would wanna just take pictures and some would even want to ask Ashylla for her contact after they saw the marvel of her art.. ;)

My sisters also did some younger sister who is a part time cupcakes maker, did a simple cuppies to be serve to the guests and my eldest sister who is waiting to pop out her 4th kid baked a very yummy chocolate chips cookies...memang sedap that every raya ramai sgt org cari dia nak amik me, sedap macam Famous Amos!! ;)

the cakestand was from Gateuxlicious

For me, MCs play an important role in a wedding. They are part of the entertainment for the guests. They are important as in they can ramble away while waiting for pengantin to arrive, they can alert the guests when the pengantin's arriving (so everybody will go back to their seat and focus on the pengantin only!!hehe), they can tell you the flow of the programme..plussssss....they can even sing for u!!!!!...just like what my MC did..hehe

I was soo lucky that both my brother and his wife willingly volunteered to be my MC of the night..

..and I was soo lucky that my SIL, who is also a fulltime radio deejay, has a very natural talent to make the crowds laugh. She and my brother gave it all out that night..Alhamdulillah..

Then here comes the band...

...see, ur MC also can play instrument for you!..hehe..

I was just sooooooo damn lucky cos my brother is a musician..and the band that did the performance was his own band. Last time my brother used to be a bassist for a local band called "Pretty Ugly" (dunno wheter u all have heard it before)..however he decided to leave the band and establish his own...they call themselves "Music@11"

The lead singers really serenade all the guests..suara dia mmg sedap gila ok..most of the songs selection they did..and I have no worries at all coz they are soo used to a corporate function and they have also performed for DJ Anne's (Hotfm) wedding..

Initially, me and husband planned something for the guests so that they won't feel bored and participate in the excitement of the night. I didn't want it to be like other weddings where the guests would come, sit, eat then's as if they were not part of the wedding night. Then came the idea of having a flying paper lantern, whereby the guests and us will be given a paper lantern, together we will light up the fire and we lepaskan ramai2.

Don't u people think that the idea is just awesome???

Sadly..I've been told by a Chinese uncle (who sells paper lanterns @ Petaling Street) that it has been banned by the authority, because they were afraid of mishaps occuring eg; putting a place on fire or burning down Taman Negara..hahaha..just kidding! Then we came up with the next idea (husband's idea sebenarnya ;p)..instead of flying lantern, we release paperboats into a pond (Taman Rimba has a small pond just right at the back of the reception side). Eventually, we had to forego the idea cos it's soo troublesome...

Soo, to replace our dream of having flying paper lantern, we changed it to balloons instead..

We ordered about 150 helium balloons that night...but most if have been taken by all the kiddos around...

We didn't manage to invite the guests with us..since most of our dear friends went back early (cos of the damn football match!hergghhh...)

Ended up, we let go of the balloons just for the sake of taking sad?!...Luckily my nephew and niece were there to show some excitement..Auntie Yah loves u all!!haha..

Soo, what grand ideas do you all bride-to-be out there have? I know one of our fellow blogger, Zara, plans to dance with her future husband for the first time during her sweet :)

Dream big, and have fun girls! :)


hidden.wing said...

kambing golek pak ngah memang terbaekk!!

tahirah, i dah tau what happen to your cupcakes! remember u asked me why suddenly ade 5tiers je? rupa-rupanya 1 tier tu tergolek...haiyo! but most of cuppies tu dpt diselamatkan & my team kasi by hand je kat your guests hehehe!! tak sempat rasa cuppies tu, but choc chip tu seriously sedap! kudos to your sis!

btw you made great choice to have balloons! nampak mcm kecik je, but they significantly transform your taman!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Laaaaaa...Aleya is your sister in law? Must be cool to have a musician in the family :)

BTW, the kambing golek looks so tempting but sadly I cannot eat lamb/mutton/kambing la. Nanti the whole body jadi panas :(

ZARA said...

wow... best nya ur wedding ;) love every bit of it. how cool to hv SIL like her. sharifah aliya kan? amani's sister kan? cool sangat!!!

anyway. my brother pon ada band tapi tak femes like ur brother. hehe. i br nak update pasal tu. tp kena tanya my bro dulu. hahaha

plannya dia yg akan play the song to our first dance. tapi tu lah. kena tanya dia balik. hihihi.

anyway!!! love ur wedding dear!!!!

NahWaL said...

lovely lovely wedding. Tahirah how was it having 800 guests come all at once? Im having more or less the same amount for my nikah and I really dont know whats it going to be like. The food will come and go,so they dont have to wait for my nikah to finish to eat. But im so afraid the canopies arent enough to cater all the guests. Nights are short right. How many canopies did you use? ok maybe i should email you haha

the unreluctant bride! said...

hey there tahirah.

i just came across your blog and must say, the food looked awesome. that said, could you furnish me with pak ngah's number? based on yr review, i would like to have his lamb for my reception.

thanks dear :)

oh, btw, my email add is

Tony Destroni said...

wow ! very beautiful wedding set up . nice ambiance and very impressive . best wishes ! i can imagine the place and hearing bells and wind chime tinkling . i love your wedding set up !

saltvinegar said...

Girl i don't understand how you can get so many things done in such a short time! Love the new layout btw.

bride2wife said...

yeke..nasib baik tak nampak cacat kan the cakestand..hehe

well..Ashylla, i can't thank you enough for helping out..that includes helping me distributing the balloons as well..i never thought of that idea could really transform the taman


p/s: kalau nak order cookies for candy buffet, bgtau ok :)

sekarang kan, kalau i pg function je, mesti cari KAMBING golek..hehe

i memang hantu KAMBING!!satu family memang hantu KAMBING (except from my mom), hence the 7 ekor KAMBING during my reception..LOL

bride2wife said...

cool?hehe..she's nice :)
btw, my brother's band tak la famous mana pon..

dear.i was too busy feeling like a superstar that night, soo tak perasan how was it like to have 800 people around me..LOL..mengada tak??...

ok..ok..serious a bit..

i had total of 13 canopies, but we also had about 10 tables which are canopy-less :) but from the postmortem i did with families, they said semua org dapat tempat duduk. i guess nnt akan ada guests yg berjalan2, ? share, berdiri, etc..soo tempat duduk akan cukup. or what u can do is, minta ur supplier bagi kerusi lebih..kalau tak cukup table pon, at least u have extra chairs to offer...

ur nikah sounds really 'big'...thats good :)

@the unreluctant bride
name please? hehe..jk! ;)
ill ask my parents for the contact number ya..

if im not mistaken, they have a restaurant for u to just go there and makan too..

will email u ok :)

bride2wife said...

@tony destroni
wow..u must be my first male visitor ever!hehe..
btw, welcome and thanks for the compliments :)

i soo excited coz i just found it yesterday!haha..

Anonymous said...

Hi tahirah,

can i get contact number of the band?


NahWaL said...

HAHA acceptable for brides especially if you have a wedding like yours. LOL. 13 canopies oh my! I really gotta add more canopies. seating is staggered, but i cant afford people complaining about the shortage of places to sit. mmm. Thanks a bunch!!! the reception is going to be a sit down event so i had to invite friends and neighbours to my nikah. groan. HUHU.

bride2wife said...

u can contact their lead singer, Azran "Jam11" 0169179172

nape privatekan blog?? invite me la u..

dindins said...

ok another similarity - you had a HOT fm dj as ur emcee whilst i had a FLY fm dj as mine!! =) selamat hari raya btw...and also been meaning to ask, how do you know raffiz (saw his pic masa nikah) he's a friend of mine from a-levels college

bride2wife said...

hi dindins..selamat hari raya to u too
yeah..we'll get more similarities after this..hehe

btw, me and raffiz worked together before @ Hospital Ipoh. do u know his wife, Melisa? both of them jadi pengapit i :) what a small world!

pria perkasa said...

wow..big event..ada nyanyi2??hiburan??berkat ke??