Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saleha & Taufiq Shariff

One of my BFF is getting married this coming December (finally she got a date!)
"Yabedabedu..!!!", she's jumping with joy.. :)

There's a saying "behind every successful man, there's a woman"...but, to me "behind every successful wedding, there's a friend whom you can absolutely rely on"...and she is that friend..

After what she has done to me, InshaAllah, I'm gonna help her the best I can :)

She planned to hire Kude for her big day and she approached him..

Sadly, he won't be available on her date :(
Instead, she asked Kude for recommendation..


Kude recommended her Taufiq Shariff

Soo, having an extra time today, I stalked on his blog ;)

He got the chance to shoot for the wedding of the rich and famous :)


idea...idea...-sweet and simple hantaran..paper flowers with button


idea lagi :)



Lovely, ain't it?..want more?? visit his blog

He is one of many photographers that we can consider for, young and talented I must say :)

For those who is still searching for a photographer, go check him out :)

till then


0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

agree agree!!! haha.. memang cantik giler ah. kude mahal kot. tapi taufiq mahal juga ke?

Moose said...

tahirah, did saleha mention to you that taufiq or topek as we called him is our senior? saleha is so lucky to have him ok! when we approach him early this year he said no because of work commitment and recommended our OP instead. i secretly wished that he'd join our OP on my day.

bride2wife said...

tak tau la nak ckp mahal ke tak...bergantung pd individu :) what i can say here, memang lagi mahal dari kude..hehe

yup..yup..she did..but she is still contemplating la moose..kan best kalau dapat harga kawan!hehe...

Harteeny said...

didn't know u blog :) Hi.
Teeny @ Miri

bride2wife said...


how in the world did u find me???hehehehehe...

yeah, baru je berjinak2...aaaanddd u...since 2007 ey..not bad.. :)

kay kamal said...

fique ni i knal since 5 years back cz he ter-accidentally added me on frenster then we started

heis a rather busy person. if nk mmg kne book aaaaaawal punya!..*i booked him alredy for me pre-wedding, yeay!*

his work makes the wedding looks like they just came out of Martha stewart weddings or theknot,kan?

TS said...

hey there !

a friend gave me the link to this page. im so glad that u posted an entry about my works here.
Its all because of features like this that have been getting enquiries almost everyday for the past few months. For that i am very grateful. I cant thank you guys enough actually LOL :)

Are u talking about saleha aman? then shes my junior. Im not sure if she is willing to hire me. Just to let you guys know, i dont just simply quote the price of my service. I did a market survey among my wedding photographer friends, and what i offer is still in the same range as what they offer. haha. But no hands has been twisted, im not forcing anyone to hire me. At the end of the day, its the client who has the final say.

Moose, sorry before this i wasnt planning to do wedding photography . as u might have already know, i do have my day job. And my company has been sending me to random places at random time and sometimes on last minute arrangements. So just to make sure i dont blow off any of my promise with you or anyone for that matter, i decided to just say no.

All this wedding photography started only because Anne insisted to hire me for her big day, i did say no to her. But seeing her confidence in me, its just too hard to let her down.

i hope this explanation can pretty much answer your questions.

have a nice day ok :)

bride2wife said...

tak tau la nak ckp mahal ke tak...bergantung pd individu :) what i can say here, kude memang lagi mahal..hehe

bride2wife said...

wow..pre wedding with him?lucky..lucky..

agreed..i memang like the editing oldskool2 sket kan.. :)

bride2wife said...


thanks for dropping by..glad if i help u in any way.. :)

i feel excited to review on some of the wedding photographers that i like (coz i dun really search much before my wedding)...and u, kude and fadza..i just knew u guys and u guys are very very talented!!!..

my intention here is to share..and be proud of our local photgraphers...

good luck taufiq! i'm sure u will go far :)

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

hi sis, im still new and found ur blog. lucky me. i hope u dont mind i linked u =) thanks for a lot of info =)

fatin said...

hi tahirah.

i thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. i love just about everything you did for your reception, it was lovely! would you mind if i linked you to my blog? makes for v inspiring reading for days when i just cannot decide on anything.

thanks ;)

bride2wife said...

@nora aka aira new too!!..linked u back :)

hi fatin..welcome to my blog...hehehe. im quite new actually :)
i linked u too ok :)

Cik Belle said...

dear, me love TS work too! like u said, editing die macam oldschool sikit, which i loveeee sangattt! hehe.. ive emailed him, tp itulah, he is super busy i guess with his work. sayang betul, die ada commitment lain. sobs. he is very talented!

kay, im so envy with u ok! dapat pre-wed dgn die! ouch, jeles bangatttt!

btw dear, i linked urs. =)

bride2wife said...

the famous cik belle visited my blog!!ahh..terharu...hehe..

i know TS is an engineer, soo..yea, maybe byk commitment lain...

i link u too ok :)

nn said...

googled his name after rading Wani Ardy's blog today. al-fatihah to him...

kude said...

Thank you for appreciating his talent, Tahirah. Even though he's no longer with us, I bet this blog post still makes him smile in heaven.

bride2wife said...

Thanks for dropping by Kude. I'm soo glad that I have found him before he left us..I'm sure a lot of his fan and you, as his friend, are very much grieved with this sudden news..

he will be miss..that's for sure..not only as a photographer..but as a friend as well..

condolences to his family...

Al Fatihah