Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Garden Reception (i) of bride and the bridesmaid

the make over

I was dolled up by Sue Cantik...why him?..because he's everybody all time favourite..(of cos I wanna try him!)... many other ex-brides has done reviews on him, and so far I never heard a bad ones...semua puas hati with his work including me. Needless to say, Sue Cantik painted my face 'cantik'...

You won't regret taking him..during the make over, there were no moment of silent but laughter all the way because he was just soooo funny..he's very detailed in everything and always smile as if you turned into a was worth all the penny I paid him

Between the two make up session that I had (nikah & reception), husband loved the one that was done by Sue Cantik, and some of my friends prefers the one by Tiar..but me..I LOVE BOTH!!

For my bridesmaid, I got my cousin who is still a uni student to help them get ready..she is not a makeup artist but she just have a natural talent to paint people's face :) thanks to her I got to save some moolah there!..hehe


#1 turn off
Well..maybe Sue is not the best with handling tudung..if u see the picture below, my tudung looked quite serabut..majlis baru nak start and belum sempat pun puas duduk atas pelamin, tudung dah buat hal..I did feel comfortable but it doesn't look neat at all..unlike my akad, I just love the way my tudung are..duduk diam2 tak buat hal..

Soo girls, make sure you feel comfortable with your tudung and make sure it will stay neat throughout the majlis..

#2 turn off
Tiar Zainal and Sue Cantik did a wonderful make up for me..but I just ruined it. My face memang naturally ada this prominent nasolabial fold or in other word smile line/garisan antara hidung and mulut..hmmm..ok..whatever you call it...both of them dah bagitau awal2 lagi that it wasn't because of their make up, but memang my face dah macam makes me look old in the photos!..


Let's not forget about the groom..hehe. He also got the chance untuk disolek oleh Sue. He felt a bit awkward though..I yg forced dia!hehe..

This handsome groom of mine (ehem..I know he'll be reading this ;p) got high taste you know..hehe..His 3 piece suite was double the price than my dress!!..He was really2 excited about it that dia tak habis2 remind kan si Jimmy (the tailor) that he wanted something like Tom Ford (yes...he's a big fan of James Bond!)

I also asked Kak Wanie to make a corsage for Hadi that matches my handbouquet..


the dresses

I had my reception outfit done by Syomir. I opted something simple but he gave me something I said in my previous entry, it didn't have any wow factor..yeah, I admit was not as what I expected. But my mother loved it..she loves to keep everything simple. Just like Hadi...

Nevertheless, I still loved the buttons at the back of the dress and the short trail...

#3 turn off
The veil was too short than what I expected..and I looked like an Italian lady dalam movie The Godfather tu..sape penah tengok??honestly, what do you think about my veil?

sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't..or maybe I'm a bit too rigid when it comes about fashion

#4 turn off
The beading was so little that you can hardly see it..I wish I can have it abit more sarat soo that the dress won't look too dull..(tapi Hadi tak suka!...dia selalu cakap "less is more"..and "simplicity is genius"...ok fine)


For my 6 beautiful ladies, I got them a purple chiffon silk with a cheap satin lining from Jakel..with help from someone, I got a designer price and it saved me RM80 each, soo solve the sangat dapat save duit! :)

I let them to decide on the design/tailoring..but I told them that I only want kaftan or Grecian inspired baju kurung allowed..hehe. They put a lot of here and magazines..and they always called me to get my approval or opinions..hehehe

It wasn't my intention at all to trouble them..the reasons I wanted to have all the 6 bridesmaid because they are all special to me..I wanted them to be close to me on my special day...and most of all I wanted them to enjoy themselves and be part of my day!!

Sera was the only one who wore kaftan that night..I loved it!tak habis2 I puji dia malam tu..tailor yang jahit baju dia is the same tailor who did my baju tunang..

For Saleha and Enor, they sent the cloth to this young designer introduced by Ederq during Blogger & Brides Gathering last April. She's very talented..(and now I know where to send my baju raya after this) :)

wedding shoes

I just bought a pair and I wore it for both events...I didn't see any point why I should buy 2 pairs because I don't normally wear heels...and to wear those heels during my majlis..arghhh...really killing me ok!!

Kasut tu pon I bought it for half than the original price..I got LEWRE's membership card. Every year on my birthday month I will get to spend at the boutique for maximum of 5 items for 50% discounts each...every year ok!.. :) soo, memang setahun sekali I'll borong 5 kasut sekaligus..lepas tu simpan dalam almari tak guna ;p


Soo now...we are ready for the reception...

tapi haruslah posing dulu... :)

InshaAllah, I will write about the reception story on my next entry...hope it is still not too late :)



Squarecut Ring said...

Rasa nak pengsan sebab cantik. ^_^ Like i said...I love every bits of ur wedding.. gorgoues. ^_^ Tak nampak pun flaws.

Nadia said...

Can i know where u sent ur bridesmaid dresses? which tailor? Cantik!!
bdw, Congrates on your beautiful wedding!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

what a beautiful wedding! love your bridesmaid attire! and your buttons too.. ur make up pon not bad apa.. the line couldn't be seen tru eyes clearly.. love!

My Journey said...

oh i'm loving your wedding mashaAllah...its just so beautiful....

bride2wife said...

SCR: u such a drama queen..sampai nak pengsan2.LOL..

tak nampak flaws? tak pe..nnt i bgtau on my next entry..haha

bride2wife said...

nadia: thanks!..which bridesmaid u referring to?yg kaftan or dresses..

purple lady: even if my make up nmpak teruk, but Alhamdulillah i enjoyed myself :) and im happy that my bridesmaid are all excited to dress up that night..

sab: if only u could make it that night..i dah post card to your house, tak sure u dpt ke tak..btw, thanks :)

Fathiyah said...

love ur wed dress =)
kalo put a bit beading,mst lg umph! hehe
tp yg ni pon dah cantik. cukup cantik

bride2wife said...

fathiyah: tu lah..kalau tambah beading lagi baru naik seri baju.. :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Dear, I'm glad you listened to your husband. Less is more indeed and I love your wedding dress! =)

Flaws sana sini normal. Tapi tak mencacatkan your wedding pun, serious. Semua nampak cantik sangat! =)

bride2wife said...

tss: thanks farah...skrg i excited for u!hehe..met ashylla the other day ;p

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

takde ape pun yang kurang kat baju tu sis. cannnttteeeekkkk bile u pakai. sumpah tak tipu. veil pun cantik. semua pun cantik!!

bride2wife said...

oshin: thanks for the kind words! :)

Dyalycious said...

beautiful wedding u had :)

owh, didnt know that sue cantik is a he. teeheee...

so which one better? sue cantik or MUA from ur engagement?

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ said...

awesome. i loveee ur dress n veil - Ya Allah, cantek beno!

bride2wife said...

dyalycious: thanks!

u know who did my make up for my engagement? it was lova..

between sue cantik and lova of coz sue la yg lagi best..hehe..ramai org cakap make up i by lova nampak garang and tua..but mekap lova mmg smooth and tak cakey..

mmg sue is a 'he'..dia pon tak sorok2.. :)

bride2wife said...

lynda: yeke..thanks..mesti u jenis "less is more" jugak kan :)

NahWaL said...

baju u tantekkkk

Nawal Yasmin said...

I love ur dress, nikah and reception!! very much! :D can you let me know which tailor u sent? i dont have a blog but appreciate if you can email me for soo in love with ur wedding!especially the fairy lights!:)

bride2wife said...

Hi Nawal Yasmin..please check ur inbox dear :)

ieja said...

hi! your wedding is so gorgeous and pretty I didnt see any flaws from it :)

but the bridesmaids' dresses caught my eyes though. Boleh share siapa tailor dia & her/his number? Boleh email me at
both tailors yg kaftan and also the other one juga.
Sbb it's so hard to find one good tailor around these days, correct? :)


aziraarif said...

taherah, grand nye wedding awak...mcm puteri raja...mesti best kan....

bride2wife said...

mana ada macam puteri raja la awak... :)

Anonymous said...

salam really adore u punya viel..sgt cantik.xnak sewakan ke??email me

Hanna said...

Beautiful dress you have... Can you please kindly provide me the contact number of your tailor.. superb and brilliant work he/she had done to your dress!