Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saleha & Taufiq Shariff

One of my BFF is getting married this coming December (finally she got a date!)
"Yabedabedu..!!!", she's jumping with joy.. :)

There's a saying "behind every successful man, there's a woman"...but, to me "behind every successful wedding, there's a friend whom you can absolutely rely on"...and she is that friend..

After what she has done to me, InshaAllah, I'm gonna help her the best I can :)

She planned to hire Kude for her big day and she approached him..

Sadly, he won't be available on her date :(
Instead, she asked Kude for recommendation..


Kude recommended her Taufiq Shariff

Soo, having an extra time today, I stalked on his blog ;)

He got the chance to shoot for the wedding of the rich and famous :)


idea...idea...-sweet and simple hantaran..paper flowers with button


idea lagi :)



Lovely, ain't it?..want more?? visit his blog

He is one of many photographers that we can consider for, young and talented I must say :)

For those who is still searching for a photographer, go check him out :)

till then

Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm felling under the weather.... :( esok pulak oncall...haisshhh...

Replying emails will be delayed...what more nak update blog..
(tapi sempat pulak bgtau tgh sakit and sempat pulak nak google image)


For those who are still waiting for my reply, tunggu kay...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Garden Reception (ii) of starry starry night

So I had my reception at Taman Rimba Kiara..hence I called it the garden reception...but to me it wasn't like a garden wedding that we used to imagine in the western countries..I like open air concept (relaxed & fun wedding), but lets face the's can rain anytime...

A week before my reception, I got freaked out when my bestie called up and told me that the weather forecast said it was going to rain cats & dogs on the 3rd of got me worried sick that I couldnt stop praying and asked my family members (also the inlaws) to pray hard.. ;)

Alhamdulillah, on the night itself, it wasn't raining at all, not even drizzling...(except in the evening before dusk) made some of the works to be Kak Wanie had to take down all the lanterns that she already hung up and Ashylla was unable to arrange all the table centerpieces..

Working with 3 decoraters was indeed a good all happened unexpectedly..

KerjaKahwin Design & Collections team was made responsible to be the main decorator.
Things that they did included the dais, lantern deco, fairy lights for transparent canopy, fairy lights for palm trees and other trees, hanging umbrellas deco at the main entrance and the walkways....

I have never imagined my dais to be this simple and romantic. It was totally a surprise for me. The first time I saw it when I walked down the red carpet got me really excited and WOW...

KerjaKahwin and team did a magnificent job. During few meets ups with Kak Wanie, she did few pelamin sketches but nothing was like this. I only told her repeatedly, I wanted a dais full of flowers and look sweet...

I just love the flowers that she chose!really to my liking..but the turn off point was only that the stage was a bit too was kinda difficult during photo taking..whereby, we had to moved few of the vase to make space so that people can wiggle their way in at the back of the chair..dah la everything looked very fragile..takut jugak ada vase yg pecah, jenuh nak ganti..

The flower walkways pulak was custom made for me. I mintak KerjaKahwin sediakan walkways yg nampak tinggi with round flower arrangement dan ia mestilah dalam warna lain selain putih :) ..and instead of bunga pom pom, I wanted a lot of roses..

Earlier in my previous entry, I did mention that I planned to have a lot of fairy lights to brighten up the place..sooooo, KerjaKahwin lighten up the place with 6000 bulbs of fairy lights!!..Of coz the main light came from the canopies and the spotlight, but having those fairy lights did help to bring out a romantic mood to that night...

The fairy light was not only decorated at the palms trees, but KerjaKahwin did some for the other trees and also for the transparent canopy too..

To hang up the fairy lights took a whole day effort..very leceh and susah. After seeing the team bertungkus lumus memanjat pokok, gantung wayar sini, gantung wayar sana, I totally understand why transparent canopy with fairy lights deco can be very expensive..

The lantern deco ideas came up after I saw some pictures from Shajaratul Design's blog. Initially, my plan was to hang the lanterns just for a deco..however, KerjaKahwin came up with a brilliant idea to provide all the colourful lantern with light added up an extra lighting to the place

The hanging umbrellas deco at the reception entrance was totally KerjaKahwin's idea..coz I dah tak de idea. Kering kontang dah otak time tu. KerjaKahwin decided on this pon last minute. Last meeting was 2 weeks before the event, Kak Wanie showed the umbrellas to me, nak dapatkan approval..Well, I have no objection to it (at all..). Baikla ada something dari tak de apa2 langsung..

Talking about my second decorator, I met her during bloggers gathering at The Zon, KL last April. Remember her booth? Ashylla decorated her booth with few dulang from her nikah, an album and also few flower arrangement on a glass..hah, those flowers lah yg really caught my eyes and terus I tanya dia whether dia amik tempahan or not...then dia senyum2 malu jer :) and ingat tak yang Ashylla ada sediakan paper notes for her guests to write any wishes etc for her..soo, I pon took one and wrote something like this

"do contact me if you're ready to provide those beautiful table centrepiece for my wedding :)"

Few weeks after, I receieved her email..telling that she is ready..Alhamdulillah..hehe.. Subsequently, we've been exchanging emails thru whitelacetale.weddings.

I was very confident with whitelacetale.weddings as everything that we discussed, came along with pictures..and everything that she showed are to my liking...soo..disebabkan itulah, from just asking her to do the table centerpieces, tiba2 I minta dia tolong buatkan guestbook table, tiba2 tambah candy buffet table, then hantaran pulak and tiba2 the maintable deco set up came into the discussion..haha...

For a newbie like her, I must say that her job was beyond superb!!!!
Tanpa Ashylla & whitelacetale.weddings team, majlis I takkan sempurna :)

Here are some of the pictures of her decos..

deco on guestbook table

candy buffet

table centerpiece with candles

biggest table centerpiece

maintable deco visit their blog for more pictures :)

pictures credit to : Qippy, Photogenic Artwork, KerjaKahwin

I never tell any of my decorator about my wedding theme..coz I don't have one!! I just told them that I love soft colours, maybe a bit of pink, and a bit of purple...WALLAH..they both nailed it!!

For those who are still searching for a decorator, do consider them to be part of your wedding team.. :)

p/s: the 3rd decorator I will reveal some other time..

It's first Ramadhan people, I would like to wish all Muslim bloggers and readers out thereSelamat Berpuasa :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Garden Reception (i) of bride and the bridesmaid

the make over

I was dolled up by Sue Cantik...why him?..because he's everybody all time favourite..(of cos I wanna try him!)... many other ex-brides has done reviews on him, and so far I never heard a bad ones...semua puas hati with his work including me. Needless to say, Sue Cantik painted my face 'cantik'...

You won't regret taking him..during the make over, there were no moment of silent but laughter all the way because he was just soooo funny..he's very detailed in everything and always smile as if you turned into a was worth all the penny I paid him

Between the two make up session that I had (nikah & reception), husband loved the one that was done by Sue Cantik, and some of my friends prefers the one by Tiar..but me..I LOVE BOTH!!

For my bridesmaid, I got my cousin who is still a uni student to help them get ready..she is not a makeup artist but she just have a natural talent to paint people's face :) thanks to her I got to save some moolah there!..hehe


#1 turn off
Well..maybe Sue is not the best with handling tudung..if u see the picture below, my tudung looked quite serabut..majlis baru nak start and belum sempat pun puas duduk atas pelamin, tudung dah buat hal..I did feel comfortable but it doesn't look neat at all..unlike my akad, I just love the way my tudung are..duduk diam2 tak buat hal..

Soo girls, make sure you feel comfortable with your tudung and make sure it will stay neat throughout the majlis..

#2 turn off
Tiar Zainal and Sue Cantik did a wonderful make up for me..but I just ruined it. My face memang naturally ada this prominent nasolabial fold or in other word smile line/garisan antara hidung and mulut..hmmm..ok..whatever you call it...both of them dah bagitau awal2 lagi that it wasn't because of their make up, but memang my face dah macam makes me look old in the photos!..


Let's not forget about the groom..hehe. He also got the chance untuk disolek oleh Sue. He felt a bit awkward though..I yg forced dia!hehe..

This handsome groom of mine (ehem..I know he'll be reading this ;p) got high taste you know..hehe..His 3 piece suite was double the price than my dress!!..He was really2 excited about it that dia tak habis2 remind kan si Jimmy (the tailor) that he wanted something like Tom Ford (yes...he's a big fan of James Bond!)

I also asked Kak Wanie to make a corsage for Hadi that matches my handbouquet..


the dresses

I had my reception outfit done by Syomir. I opted something simple but he gave me something I said in my previous entry, it didn't have any wow factor..yeah, I admit was not as what I expected. But my mother loved it..she loves to keep everything simple. Just like Hadi...

Nevertheless, I still loved the buttons at the back of the dress and the short trail...

#3 turn off
The veil was too short than what I expected..and I looked like an Italian lady dalam movie The Godfather tu..sape penah tengok??honestly, what do you think about my veil?

sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't..or maybe I'm a bit too rigid when it comes about fashion

#4 turn off
The beading was so little that you can hardly see it..I wish I can have it abit more sarat soo that the dress won't look too dull..(tapi Hadi tak suka!...dia selalu cakap "less is more"..and "simplicity is genius"...ok fine)


For my 6 beautiful ladies, I got them a purple chiffon silk with a cheap satin lining from Jakel..with help from someone, I got a designer price and it saved me RM80 each, soo solve the sangat dapat save duit! :)

I let them to decide on the design/tailoring..but I told them that I only want kaftan or Grecian inspired baju kurung allowed..hehe. They put a lot of here and magazines..and they always called me to get my approval or opinions..hehehe

It wasn't my intention at all to trouble them..the reasons I wanted to have all the 6 bridesmaid because they are all special to me..I wanted them to be close to me on my special day...and most of all I wanted them to enjoy themselves and be part of my day!!

Sera was the only one who wore kaftan that night..I loved it!tak habis2 I puji dia malam tu..tailor yang jahit baju dia is the same tailor who did my baju tunang..

For Saleha and Enor, they sent the cloth to this young designer introduced by Ederq during Blogger & Brides Gathering last April. She's very talented..(and now I know where to send my baju raya after this) :)

wedding shoes

I just bought a pair and I wore it for both events...I didn't see any point why I should buy 2 pairs because I don't normally wear heels...and to wear those heels during my majlis..arghhh...really killing me ok!!

Kasut tu pon I bought it for half than the original price..I got LEWRE's membership card. Every year on my birthday month I will get to spend at the boutique for maximum of 5 items for 50% discounts each...every year ok!.. :) soo, memang setahun sekali I'll borong 5 kasut sekaligus..lepas tu simpan dalam almari tak guna ;p


Soo now...we are ready for the reception...

tapi haruslah posing dulu... :)

InshaAllah, I will write about the reception story on my next entry...hope it is still not too late :)