Saturday, July 24, 2010

Timeless hantaran

Are you girls running out of ideas on how to make your hantaran looks different or unique?

Well..I've got something to share here.. :)

When I got married the other day, my MIL did all the hantaran herself with help from her sister (now is my aunt). It was very simple that you don't have to go thru the hassle like when you use fresh flowers..yet it was classy and timeless

She likes the idea of traditional ways of giving hantaran where last time people used to wrap their gift with kain batik...however my MIL used a songket cloth instead (which you can recycle again or use it as alas dulang)

To me, it's very practical if you're giving a big gift such as shoes, or handbags, or if you want to hide your gift...hehe. I remembered when my brother got married 2 years ago, they have to keep some of their hantaran eg. shoes and jeans in a box cos the elderly wasn't very keen on it (pantang)..soooo, instead of putting it in a box, you can wrap em! ;)'s photo timesss.... :)

I love this the most...she wrapped off the bulkiness of this shoulder bag

very classic indeed..inside is my Roberto Cavalli sunglasses

of cos you can't wrap this sirih junjung :)

..and my mas kahwin, also DeGem :)

instead of dayang, we made those handsome boys to carry the dulang :)

Hope this will give ideas to some of you out there..selamat mencuba! :)


Fathiyah said...

wow.very classy! me like it =)
i luv ur MIL ideas of wrapping the barang hantaran. by doing dis, i think kte tak show off the brand of barang to others. sederhana.

Adda Shariff said...

classic and creative-ly done! Likes!

syanaim said...

::creative dear.. first time blog walking link dear..:)..i dah follow u..::

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

love!!! humble yet elegant hantaran.. very classy mcm zaman puteri hang li po! like!

Anonymous said...

plz post about your weeding busana

bride2wife said...

fathiyah: couldn't agree more!that's what my MIL trying to do..

adda shariff: very classic and creative indeed :)

syanaim: will link u as well! :)

purple lady: puteri hang li po?hahaha..kelakar la u gadis purple ;p

bride2wife said...

anonymous: hello email me dear. i'll try to help. i pon tak tau nak post apa bout my wedding busana :)

aini said...

hi dear...ari tu blogwalking terjumpa blog u tp lupa nak link smpai i buat entry mntk tlg b2b laen sbb nak carik blog u punya pasal..haha..

~sgt creative n klasik..terasa mau buat camtu gak..hehe

bride2wife said...

aini: hehehe..nnt lepas kahwin jgn lupa share gambar ok! :)