Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nikah Details

As promised..


Both husband and I felt glad that we had our nikah done at Masjid has sooooo many beautiful spots to shoot for pictures and we grabbed the opportunities with both hands ..

Earlier before I got engage, I already planned not to have any of my wedding events at home cause I didn't want to trouble my family esp my clear up the house before majlis is one thing and the after-event massive cleaning would be another .. and both are tiring.

Masjid Wilayah has it's own dewan nikah which you don't have to pay for it, and 3 halls..which are
  • Dewan Muslimat - can cater up to 200 ppl at a time (rate: RM55/hr)
  • Dewan Muslimin - can cater up to 550 ppl at a time; and (rate: RM135/hr)
  • Dewan Serbaguna - can cater up to 1500 ppl at a time (rate: RM350/hr)
Soo..we booked one of the hall for our after-nikah casual reception on the afternoon (same day), we had to split our guests list into two..half would be invited for the siang reception and another half for night reception..otherwise, my night reception will turn out worst than pasar malam.. :)

The only problem that I faced with the masjid management was the issue of having to have a pelamin inside the is a larangan masjid to bring in any sort of pelamin, except drapes deco etc for meja beradab..being me ( who always want what I want) I asked MIL to persuad them...lagipon I already paid >50% deposit to my decorater...

Considering myself to be fortunate, finally the management gave in..Alhamdulillah. Lagipon, we convinced them that the pelamin only gonna be used for picture taking and there will be no renjis2 or tepung tawar..

Rental: as above


I choose Tiar Zainal cause I heard that he is good.

Since I had my nikah at 9am, he started working his magic fingers on me right after Subuh..and yea, I had to wake up as early as 5am to get ready...

Like Sue Cantik, he is also very friendly. Tiar is fondly known with his smokey eyes technique..sadly he told me that it will only gonna make me looked old..(oh ya.. I told him that I don't wanna look older than my age, cos i was very frustrated when ppl commented that to me during my engagement)..

With the amount that I've paid him, I'm satisfied with his work...the make up lasted long and not cakey at all. I only washed my face at 5pm and I still looked fresh..

The only thing that I hate for my make over with him was the gigantic sanggul that he made..i should have objected to that. Now when i looked back at my nikah photos, i just find it ugly..surprisingly ramai yg cakap it was ok..hmm..well, it's really subjective

sorry for the quality of the non edited picture
Service charge: RM950


By none than other..the chiffon expert, Syomir Izwa.

Deciding on a designer was quite a tough decision for me..I've been eyeing a few, emailed Zery Zamry for quotation, and even met Rizman Ruzaini..somehow, it just didn't feel right. That was the reason I turned to Syomir..

Final result ----> loved it to the max!

Guess I don't have to write on my experiences working with him..don't think I should reveal it here...... ;p

Price: do email me if you're interested


I decided to have pelamin for nikah a month before the actual date. Since I had it at a mosque, followed by a mini reception, I thought that it would be fair for the guests (to welcome them) as they don't get the chance to see the night reception..

I had difficulty to find a decorater within a tight budget. Kak Wanie from KerjaKahwin not willing to do it cos she wanted to concentrate on the night event..I really like her simple pelamin..sejuk mata memandang and not too sarat

Luckily I found Kak Shaja from Shajaratul Design 2 weeks before my akad..she saved my life!!..with one fruitful meet up, the final outcome was just like the one that I imagined!!..kudos to Kak Shaja, dah la comel..peramah pulak tu :)

Price: RM1500 (very affordable for a one panel pelamin kan!)


What else I can say bout this newbie...they will never disappoint you!!

Thanks to Ashylla and not to forget Mas from whitelacetale.weddings!!!!

I don't have to explain in details on how I wanted my hantaran to be..they can read my mind!!!hahaha.. I just told them I want it to be different and I want to have a bear grass to be part of the flower arrangement..I even asked them to choose the flowers for me..

With the last minute tasks that I've given them plus a full trust, true enuff, they never disappoint me :)

Price: email them and you'll be surprised! :)


Can't talk much cos I got it for free!! was done by my neighbour who has a natural talent for this artsy thingy :)

One thing I regretted was that I only got it done the night before..the next morning the henna didn't really turned into an angry red..but towards the evening, it got better. Well, nobody warned me that applying henna can be quiet long, at least 3-4hrs !!!!..

But...Alhamdulillah..and stop regretting Tahirah!


Got it all settled by my mom, MIL and my aunt.. :) they are very helpful..

We gave out 3 things
  • personalized Asmaul Husna (I did mention about it in my previous entry)
  • 'kacang tumbuk' (sedap sangat!) packed in a box I ordered from ilikecard
  • marshmallows, neatly packed in a plastic with small flower and ribbon (sorry, I don't have pictures of it..but trust me it looked very cute ;))

Price: Box RM1/per unit
TQ tag RM0.30/pc

All in all, I must say that I had a beautiful event at Masjid Wilayah.. :)



NahWaL said...

i loved your door gifts, and the dais is cute and perfect. Congratulations dear

ZARA said...

wow... impressive. i really am impress. seriously. I never thought of nikah kat masjid actually sbb i always dream of nikah kat rumah yang im staying now. the last time anybody nikah kat rumah ni is my Mak Lang and anak sulung dia pon dah mencecah 30 tahun. so relatives are excited to be doing a nikah ceremony kat rumah tu.

not forgetting aku pon excited :D

As for larangan on pelamin ni... if im not mistaken. *salah jangan lempang saya* a friend from Mersing told me, *please correct me if im wrong* Sultan Johor tak kasi anybody nikah kat masjid sebab isue pelamin ni....

i seriously tak sure. tak pulak dengar kat berita. said...


i love everything u have for your wedding..
congrats anyway! ;)

btw, can u plz share all d quotation from all d designers u met?

thanks mucho!

brid3ofkayangan said...

dear....masyaAllah a beautiful wedding that u have...congrat....!

hmm nak tahu jugak la price for sentuhan syomir....hati seperti teringin jua...hehe

bride2wife said...

nahwal: i love that white leather sofa!

zara: betul2..i've heard it before. tapi yg i dgr dkt johor..the issue triggered by mawi and ekin punya wedding yg grand gila tu..

mine was a simple one, and i only sat on the pelamin tuk bergambar je.. :)

kahwin at home mmg best!! i admit that, tapi i ni mmg pemalas nak kemas rumah..

i'm sure it will mean alot to ur family members to have ur nikah done at that house...its soo sweet of u to make everybody happy :)

bride2wife said...

diana & bride of kayangan: u've got mail! :)

Moose said...

your wedding is indeed beautiful. and classy!

saltvinegar said...

Babe you should be a wedding planner!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

wow! sgt perfect. and nikah dkt masjid mmg best. i teringin sgt but tak pernah nmpk lg bride dkt swak boley nikah dkt masjid...

beautiful wedding!

Fathiyah said...

mashallah.u ke yg kat surau ms gath hr tu ye?patut la ur face looks so familiar.i read ur blog from ur 1st entry.hehe.silent reader.
btw,makeup tiar superb lah + u alr beautiful.seri pengantin =)

ElyaElmo said...

hi dear...
pelamin tu cantk laa..combination of white and it!!!~
nnt i nk pnjammm gamba tu boleh??he3

bride2wife said...

moose: thanks!

saltandvinegar: i can only plan for my own!..hehe

purple lady: masa i buat majlis kat masjid tu rasa mcm diberkati je...hehe

fathiyah: i la org yg kat surau tu!hehe..thanks for reading!!tak sangka pulak :)

elyaelmo: pinjam la..dialu2kan :)

Anonymous said...

hi..i would like to know the quotation for syomir izwa..i'm still havent decide the designer to design my wedding dress..hope u can help email me thanks..
p/s ur wedding is realllllyyy beautiful

bride2wife said...

anonymous: u've got mail!

Anonymous said...

babe mind emailing syomir izwa's quotation? tq =)

bride2wife said...

anonymous: i dah email u lyanahaniff :)

sher said...

hi dear,

The green gift box u beli kat mana? i am interested to buy them.. email me dear. Thanks

019-281 3689

Anonymous said...

hi dear, i'm your silent reader ;D
really adore your wedding, speechless.
could you email me the quotation for syomir izwa & qippy photography? thank you so much.

bride2wife said...

anonymous: check in inbox :)

era said...

hye..!!really xcited browsing all ur entries..!welldone!!adorable wedding moment!
if u dun mind,could u email me the quotation of ur baju nikah..hehehhe

aishah said...

hye... i tried looking for your email address to pm but to no avail (buta it, sorry!) here comes my public comment..

i'm freaking out getting ready for my big day, and came across ur blog. really loved everything bout ur wedding really - the event, the deco, and the dress of cos x congrats dear! mmg impressive sgt, kudos for pulling it off!

cant rent out ur dress bcos im 170cm tall so i'd like to get stg like that custom made if possible. is the material chiffon?

so how was your experience with syomir izwa? does he have a walk-in boutique that i can check out? kalau ada quotation can u send me one?

thanx so much!
do email me at if you got time k xxx

yazmin said...

hi dear..
im an anonymous reader and im gonna get married this year. i saw your wedding details twice from syomir izwa's page as well as kerjakahwin's blog.. really loved your whole wedding from the solemnization to the reception.. :D

do u mind emailing me the quotation for your nikah dress? im so in love with it but i dont think i can rent out yours as im taller huhu..
Plus would like to know your experience with email me and thanks in advance :)

my email :

misz monique said...

hye..can u emailing syomir izwa's quotation? your outfit so gojes!-->

aeuclyx said...

Hi, nak tumpang tanye la.. kalau buat wedding kat masjid wilayah tu, kawan2 yg non-muslim boleh ke attend?