Thursday, July 29, 2010

local English theme wedding

I was sooooo in the mood to blog today...simply cos I found this photographers blog that I've never heard about them before...

and they areeee....KUDEGRAPHY

Have you girls heard about them before?or I je yang ketinggalan zaman ni??!!..hehehe..If I were to know about them before I got married, I absolutely am gonna consider them to be one of my photographer for my special event!!..serious lawa gambar2 dorang..modern with a bit of oldskool touch!

While busy browsing the blog, I found pictures of this sweet couple..they had a very beautiful English wedding with a superb props!!they are very creative indeed and they made it different from the others!!!!everything about the wedding was just soooo different!!! it to bits...

a simple DIY

very classic

i like!!

simply amazing!!

see the books?..they must have kept it for ages :)

different than our Malay norm

very neat!

never cross my mind to have such a!!

and the props just compliments everything

Best kan cuci mata.. :) Credits to KUDEGRAPHY..they did an excellent job..(and to the couple as well!) :)

Soo, if you are still searching for a photographer, go visit their blog...and you will definitely fall in love with the pictures!!!


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

this is seriously awesome!!!! and this is what we called english wedding kan? love la!

Moose said...

before i found my OP, fiance and i actually are thinking of hiring kude. tapi their millage rate is too high for us..

love of nanamir said...

hye dear
yes indeed kudegraphy is one great malaysian photographer..
if u came across to some wedding blogs by the western.. he's one of the best wedding photographer being reviewed by the westerns..
wut a humble photographer kan? =)
i love his work too =)

sumpit said...

those girls sure have good taste. Bet we've all seen her sis's solemnization vid tht got everyone in tears.

Cantik, sangat cantik! How come i never heard of these guys before? Google tak abih kot :)

bride2wife said...

purple lady: betul..betul..betul.. :)

moose: serious??they are good!!..but i'm sure ur OP lagi good ni, otherwise u won't take..hehe

bride2wife said...

love of nanamir: gosh...i'm sooooo backdated!! baru je tau bout


sumpit: yea..i saw the vid, no wonder la nmpak familiar..

me myself pon google tak habis!!haha

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

pergghhhh... chantek! menawan! sumpah la takkan jemu tengok pic kawen sampai tua. serius! hehe. eh over la pulak.

bride2wife said...

osh!Nz d' sen0r!ta: eh..susah pulak nak type nama panjang ni..hehe

kay kamal said...

cantik2..i pon tak pnah dga

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I have been eyeing Kude for quite a moment now. Was introduced to him by another blogger (but I can't remember who) early this year.

I notice he did a lot of laid back, home weddings. And all the pictures speak volume.

Most of the well known photographers in Malaysia have either hall/hotel setting to be thankful for. That's why their pictures look so amazing. But me and my boyfriend were looking aorund for photographer who has the knack of seeing beautiful things in something yang lebih sederhana macam wedding di rumah because both of our events will be held at home =)

We have shortlisted 2 photographers for the wedding whom we've known have beatiful home wedding photos. Kude is one of them. Insya-Allah will be meeting him soon =)

The other photographer? Well, I'm hiring him for the engagement =)

NahWaL said...

there are tons of photographers who are sooooo underrated and dont get the proper publicity. Thanks to you now we know. HAHA.

pose dengan buku sangat bes dan comel!!!!

bitsANDpieces said...

omg, i love kude and ili. and they are very very very nice. they are really really talented.

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

suka sgttt gamabr2 ni smpai bukak blog u berkali2.. hehe. nak buat jugak la pasal wedding ni kat entry.. sukeee laaaa!

bride2wife said...

kay: now u dah dgr can consider them!! :)

bride2wife said...

tss: farah, you are soooo lucky! u still got time to choose...

i agreed! all professional photographers they are soo used to hall/hotel weddings...sampai outdoor/rumah je,hmm...

please take kude!hehe..(jealousnyerrr...) ;p

well, ur OP for e-day pon hebat *ehem..ehem* :), but try something new...soo you can help others to review on him..hehe

bride2wife said...

nahwal: agreed! :)

heed: u hiring them ke?please make a review nnt ok :)

purple lady: bookmark their blog! :) hopefully there will be more new pictures from them

choclairissa said...

i love english style wedding :)