Friday, June 25, 2010

The Weddings I Missed

Recently I missed 2 of my friend's weddings cos I was working last 2 weekends..back to back Saturday Sunday..another craziness..(glad it's over now!)

I managed to see how beautiful they were on their big day from facebook..

First was Farah Sophia, who had her reception at her house in Taman Melawati...

very sweet..isn't she?..
as always.. :)

The white and red dais that she had looks very classic and elegant...timeless!

Second was Aisyah, who currently working in UK and she got back just for her reception which was held in Keramat..


Nice colour combo...

A very cute pelamin :)

Dresses : Syomir Izwa
Dais : Readz Zul

pictures credit to Farah & Aisyah's fb

Congrats to the newly weds!..semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu ;)

Oh, how I miss the fun of going to people's weddings...


ZARA said...

i love to go people's wedding as well but the problem is most of my friends either married very early in life like probably after SPM when we are all bz with our college and stuff...


have not yet plan to get married.

im kinda in between... huhu

Both of ur friends wedding are superbly gorgeous... If only i can imagine the perfect wedding and poof it magically happens!!!

iza.rahman said...

woah...cantek nye color combination soft pink ngan tiffany blue (tiffany blue eh??) tu...

bitsANDpieces said...

wah another week to go? im sure now u are very excited and in the tak-kisah moment dah..hehe.. congratulations in advance..

yelah, i pon miss coming to ecah's wedding. her dress gorgeous kan? im sure only ecah yang boleh pull off such design :)

bride2wife said...

ZARA: awalnya kwn2 u kawin dear..

im sure u can have a perfect wedding zara...still got lots of time to work on it..go zara go! :)

bride2wife said...

iza.rahman: looks like green to me...hehe

heed: oh yes..mmg dah in the tak-kisah-mood..hehe

agreed...mmg sgt sesuai dgn dia ok! lawa right the chiffon material..and the colour combo memang berani :)

daisy said...

Its teal colour or u may call it duck green..baju pengantin lelaki yes tiffany blue

Heed and Tahirah: I mmg dr Jasin dulu berani kan? LOL all the best for ur wedding Tahirah. am sure ur gonna make a beautiful stunning bride!