Sunday, June 6, 2010


To DIY or to hire someone??

I'm still contemplating.. *big sigh*

If I actually do it myself, I can save ALOT!! at least I'm gonna have RM490 extra in my pocket..itu pon kalau 1 dulang = RM70 (oh..we'll be having 7 dulang for the groom)..~jealous lah..why (generally) the groom must get extra than the bride?~..hmmm...

Buuttt...would I have the time to actually do it myself??? (I'm going to use fresh flowers)..and at the same time I have thousand of boxes to be tie with ribbons (cos we're giving out something edible for the doorgifts)..soo, everything has to be done last minute :(

Flashback during my engagement last year, I did all the hantarans myself..(with a help from my sister)..memang disaster abit..woke up early in the morning tuk berkejar ke sana ke mari to pick the flowers that we've ordered, rumah bersepah with all the petals, daun and ranting2 bunga, nak me-rekacipta sirih junjung(the hardest!), melipat sampin yg keras soo that tak nampak bulky sgt on the dulang, slept at 3am, make sure aircond cukup sejuk and kena make sure spray bunga from time to time soo tak layu, dgn nak 'menjaga' the hantarans soo that my nephew and nieces tak kacau! ..tak kan I'm gonna do the same thing for my wedding???..I need to be stress-free for my big day kan?!..

Do share your experiences with me girls.. are some photos of the hantarans that I did


Massimo Dutti shirt & tie



Terengganu songket for akad

sirih junjung yang menggunung & tak berapa nak jadi..hehe

For everything that I DIY-ed (that includes my so-called mini dais)...Alhamdullillah its something that can be proud of ;p ..tho it wasn't perfect, but for someone yg tak de experince like me, I'm happy that I did it.. :)

At the end of the day, u just want to be happy with ur love ones kan ;)

Soo, to save time or to save money?..I can't answer it myself! hmmm...


NahWaL said...

ur hantaran was sweet :). but engagement is not that busy kan, so u still have time. for nikah maybe u should give someone else to do. reason being i have my own horroble experience, my relative wanted to stuck her nose in my sirih junjung and i hated it. it was more like a batang pisang with flowers all over. i hated it hated it hated it. haha.

iedayah said...

better diy lor dear.puas ati bl pndg hsil keja tgn sndri..

Moose said...

hi there, you're saleha's friend kan? hihi. babe, your DIY hantaran looks cantik ok! it's not that bad la kalau consider you're first timer and all. honestly sama nampak macam tempah je i tengok.

i am planning on DIY my hantaran. dahla nak guna fresh flower. matilah. but we'll see how.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Eh.. Cantik la! Tak disaster langsung your engagement nye hantaran..

Altho if nak guna fresh flower tu, I almost don't recommend you to do your own hantaran. Personally, I got stuck with a lot of other stuff like doorgifts, deco and the lot sampaikan my hantaran tu 3hrs before the nikah baru siap.. *sob* *sob*

love of nanamir said...

hye babe..
basically u jgn worry sgt bout the hantaran.. ermm nak buat sendiri is ok if u are ok with that.. xmau la nnt u pnat wat hantaran lg.. owh that big day memg sgt bz... nnt rs mcm byk bnd xsetle lg.. jgn sampai exhausted coz its ur bigdy darl..introduing myself im lian.. im a blogger.. im a wedding photog n wedding planner kebetulan.. so just wanna share some experiences.. being through lots of weddings. and sgt memahami kebzian nye.=) fresh flowers usually a day before.. if u ley wat then sgt digalakkan.. =) make it simple dear.. simple is more =)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Your DIY hantaran looks nice!

But if it was me, I vote for saving time! My line of work is just a no no. Would love to try but really, I just ain't have the time.

Butttttt, you have the gift to DIY. Why not leave something of your mark on your wedding day? ;)

whitelacetale.weddings said...

u macam krisdayanti in last pic, beautiful! who did your makeup?

tahirah, my personal view is to outsource since u'll be having nikah + reception on same day, definitely the day before u'll be very busy chasing ppl, touch up inai etc. further u your nikah in masjid, so no allowance for pengantin being late due to last minute tasks hehhee..

btw, if u didnt mention, i thought sirih junjung tu pro yang buat.. u got magic fingers la doctor! :D

Durruz said...

hohoho. sgt cantik deco ur hantaran. mcm dah biasa buat, kemas n sweet..

i also plan to diy my own hantaran, but the main constraint is time, and mampu ke terkocoh2 on that day...phewwww

bride2wife said...

nahwal: stuck her nose at ur sirih junjung??..funny la u girl!

iedayah: setuju..mmg puas hati :)

moose: did saleha tell u that i like reading ur blog? *malu* hehe..

good luck for ur DIY hantaran..sgt fun but tiring

link u ok.. :)

sarah: thanks for the advice darl! i pon takut i will be stuck with the doorgifts etc..

lian: hi sure u are good at ur job. and if org yg dah professional like u advice me to hire someone, definitely i will consider that..

tss: now i wanna vote for saving time as well :)

ashylla: i was LOVA-ed. some said i looked older than my age :(

durruz: it was fun to DIY.. if u eager to do it, try lah..good luck babe! :)

Moose said...

masa saleha bagitau tu, i yang malu ok. tak habes2 cakap omg malunya aku, omg malunya aku. haha. i think none of my friends knows the existence and read my blog. bila saleha bagitau tu cam sumpah malu gila!

ElyaElmo said...

dear....klo nk puas hati..and jimatt cost..i thinkk DIY kott....
atau pun, ajak member2 yang crative DIY ur hantaran sama2...This was done by me before...:D (for my e-day hantaran)