Monday, June 21, 2010

First Fitting

Been meaning to write..tapi susah sgt nak cari time..

Had my first fitting @ Syomir's place last usual..Syomir selalu lambat ;p

I HEART my nikah dress..the minute when I put it on, I just fell in love with's look a bit different than what I had imagined....I love the fact that it's fully chiffon (except for the embellishment and beadworks)'s simple..and flowy..but the only cacat thing about it was MY BIG HIP! hip don't lie people!! matter how hard i tried to cover it, how vigorous I did my cardio workouts and pilates...I still have my J'Lo's a**!!..haha

However..*sigh* reception dress was soo soo je...when I tried it on and stared at the mirror, I told myslef.."heck..this look like another typical dress!". I wanted something different..something that can give me the WOW factor like the nikah dress did. I began to wonder..would wearing hijab and a dress goes hand in hand??I don't want to look stupid...and I don't want to look like I'm 'overdoing' it...

Luckily..fiance was there snip-snapping photos of me..aaaaaaand he always there to reassure me on how I look nice in that dress. Soo..when I got back (feeling not soo excited than what I expected), I went thru the pictures again beratus-ratus kali!

Thanks to I fell in love with my reception dress as well...haha. Wish I can put up the pictures here..tapi nanti basi pulak! :)

Now I can't wait for second fitting..that will be end of this week :)

Looks like I don't have much I??...

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