Friday, June 11, 2010

cloudy days


minggu ni sedih sangat...sebab phone saya terjatuh dalam toilet bowl!!!!.. :( ppl asked , kenapa gatal sgt bwk phone dlm toilet?!...derrr..i was doing my oncall and had to be reachable all the time..nak mandi ke, nak buat project kecik ke, project besar phone has to be by my side... dah lemas..couldn't function anymore :( i had to send it for repair..that equals to more money to be spend..dah la terpaksa beli phone lain for temporary murah pon, it cost me RM260..sekarang rm10 pon sangat2 berharga di saat genting dah nak kahwin ni..kenapa la kena jatuh jamban waktu2 mcm ni.... :(

i miss my phone...i MISS miss my iPhone.. :(

it wasn't just the money issue..i saved ALOT of pictures on weddings that inspire me. i started collecting it like a year ago.. :( now i have to start all over again..i really don't have the time...and THE MOOD :( all the contacts of my vendors..friends...arghhh..and the wedding invites belum habis distribute lagi :(...and i don't fancy the idea of announcing my reception thru facebook...

soo many things tak settle lagi..and i'm not really in the mood...sampai i asked my fiance "can we postpone our wedding?"...hah..*gila ke apa...* ni memang minggu airmata...memang drama memanjang

fiance always blame it on the hormones..hehe. maybe it's the pill that i took to regulate my menses ~basically to avoid having period during my honeymoon next month! ;p ~...hmmm..maybe i should talk but this next time..i know a lot of b2b concern and talk about this from time to time...i wish to help

this coming Monday will be my first fitting at Syomir's new place @ Solaris Mount Kiara...never been there before...nervous!!..bukan nervous takut sesat, tapi takut kalau baju tu tak up to my expectation...hehe *fussy*

hope the dressess can make me smile again...



kay kamal said...

alolo siannye....lemme give u a bear hug..*hugs*

hope dat feels better

bride2wife said...

awwww...u r such a sweetheart kay.. *hugs*