Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Three days more...

Sometimes I feel excited..sometimes I feel nervous..but most of the time I feel STRESS!!..

Soo many things to do..but I don't have the 'energy' to keep me going..haishh...

I just hope for the best... :(

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Weddings I Missed

Recently I missed 2 of my friend's weddings cos I was working last 2 weekends..back to back Saturday Sunday..another craziness..(glad it's over now!)

I managed to see how beautiful they were on their big day from facebook..

First was Farah Sophia, who had her reception at her house in Taman Melawati...

very sweet..isn't she?..
as always.. :)

The white and red dais that she had looks very classic and elegant...timeless!

Second was Aisyah, who currently working in UK and she got back just for her reception which was held in Keramat..


Nice colour combo...

A very cute pelamin :)

Dresses : Syomir Izwa
Dais : Readz Zul

pictures credit to Farah & Aisyah's fb

Congrats to the newly weds!..semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu ;)

Oh, how I miss the fun of going to people's weddings...

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Fitting

Been meaning to write..tapi susah sgt nak cari time..

Had my first fitting @ Syomir's place last usual..Syomir selalu lambat ;p

I HEART my nikah dress..the minute when I put it on, I just fell in love with's look a bit different than what I had imagined....I love the fact that it's fully chiffon (except for the embellishment and beadworks)'s simple..and flowy..but the only cacat thing about it was MY BIG HIP! hip don't lie people!! matter how hard i tried to cover it, how vigorous I did my cardio workouts and pilates...I still have my J'Lo's a**!!..haha

However..*sigh* reception dress was soo soo je...when I tried it on and stared at the mirror, I told myslef.."heck..this look like another typical dress!". I wanted something different..something that can give me the WOW factor like the nikah dress did. I began to wonder..would wearing hijab and a dress goes hand in hand??I don't want to look stupid...and I don't want to look like I'm 'overdoing' it...

Luckily..fiance was there snip-snapping photos of me..aaaaaaand he always there to reassure me on how I look nice in that dress. Soo..when I got back (feeling not soo excited than what I expected), I went thru the pictures again beratus-ratus kali!

Thanks to I fell in love with my reception dress as well...haha. Wish I can put up the pictures here..tapi nanti basi pulak! :)

Now I can't wait for second fitting..that will be end of this week :)

Looks like I don't have much I??...

Friday, June 11, 2010

cloudy days


minggu ni sedih sangat...sebab phone saya terjatuh dalam toilet bowl!!!!.. :( ppl asked , kenapa gatal sgt bwk phone dlm toilet?!...derrr..i was doing my oncall and had to be reachable all the time..nak mandi ke, nak buat project kecik ke, project besar phone has to be by my side... dah lemas..couldn't function anymore :( i had to send it for repair..that equals to more money to be spend..dah la terpaksa beli phone lain for temporary murah pon, it cost me RM260..sekarang rm10 pon sangat2 berharga di saat genting dah nak kahwin ni..kenapa la kena jatuh jamban waktu2 mcm ni.... :(

i miss my phone...i MISS miss my iPhone.. :(

it wasn't just the money issue..i saved ALOT of pictures on weddings that inspire me. i started collecting it like a year ago.. :( now i have to start all over again..i really don't have the time...and THE MOOD :( all the contacts of my vendors..friends...arghhh..and the wedding invites belum habis distribute lagi :(...and i don't fancy the idea of announcing my reception thru facebook...

soo many things tak settle lagi..and i'm not really in the mood...sampai i asked my fiance "can we postpone our wedding?"...hah..*gila ke apa...* ni memang minggu airmata...memang drama memanjang

fiance always blame it on the hormones..hehe. maybe it's the pill that i took to regulate my menses ~basically to avoid having period during my honeymoon next month! ;p ~...hmmm..maybe i should talk but this next time..i know a lot of b2b concern and talk about this from time to time...i wish to help

this coming Monday will be my first fitting at Syomir's new place @ Solaris Mount Kiara...never been there before...nervous!!..bukan nervous takut sesat, tapi takut kalau baju tu tak up to my expectation...hehe *fussy*

hope the dressess can make me smile again...


Sunday, June 6, 2010


To DIY or to hire someone??

I'm still contemplating.. *big sigh*

If I actually do it myself, I can save ALOT!! at least I'm gonna have RM490 extra in my pocket..itu pon kalau 1 dulang = RM70 (oh..we'll be having 7 dulang for the groom)..~jealous lah..why (generally) the groom must get extra than the bride?~..hmmm...

Buuttt...would I have the time to actually do it myself??? (I'm going to use fresh flowers)..and at the same time I have thousand of boxes to be tie with ribbons (cos we're giving out something edible for the doorgifts)..soo, everything has to be done last minute :(

Flashback during my engagement last year, I did all the hantarans myself..(with a help from my sister)..memang disaster abit..woke up early in the morning tuk berkejar ke sana ke mari to pick the flowers that we've ordered, rumah bersepah with all the petals, daun and ranting2 bunga, nak me-rekacipta sirih junjung(the hardest!), melipat sampin yg keras soo that tak nampak bulky sgt on the dulang, slept at 3am, make sure aircond cukup sejuk and kena make sure spray bunga from time to time soo tak layu, dgn nak 'menjaga' the hantarans soo that my nephew and nieces tak kacau! ..tak kan I'm gonna do the same thing for my wedding???..I need to be stress-free for my big day kan?!..

Do share your experiences with me girls.. are some photos of the hantarans that I did


Massimo Dutti shirt & tie



Terengganu songket for akad

sirih junjung yang menggunung & tak berapa nak jadi..hehe

For everything that I DIY-ed (that includes my so-called mini dais)...Alhamdullillah its something that can be proud of ;p ..tho it wasn't perfect, but for someone yg tak de experince like me, I'm happy that I did it.. :)

At the end of the day, u just want to be happy with ur love ones kan ;)

Soo, to save time or to save money?..I can't answer it myself! hmmm...

This way please

I needed to get some ideas on how to make my signage look outstanding and unique..yang boleh mengalahkan signboard2 tepi jalan tu..hehehehe..

The first plan was to hire someone to get the signage done cos I don't have the time to do it myself...

Buuutt..fiance disagreed..his point being that it would be better to save the money and spend it for something else. He suggested to leave it to our brothers to settle it...OK..FINE!!

Being me, fussy girl who wants something that stands out like a sore thumb, I find it very difficult to leave the task to someone whom doesn't have 110% of my trust especially when it comes about MY WEDDING...Sooo..gotta make time to G.O.O.G.L.E

I love this idea..simple and cheapo. You can get the blackboard anywhere..but need to get someone with nice handwriting to conteng2 :)

This signage nampak oldschool..definately gonna have this for our reception. Eventhough we don't have that much to put up, at least I have the parking place, toilet and the reception area that needs pointing to...hehehe

Now I dah kerahkan my brother to find ways on how to get something similar like this... :) buli sket

And this is my all-time FAVOURITE...

Cool ey! Found someone who used this kinda signage last few weeks and I thought it was just AWESOME!!! I'm working on this as well..

Two DIY projects and I have less than a month left!!

Wish me luck :)