Saturday, May 8, 2010

first gift..


the 'meeting-up' with Niki went well. i love all the samples that she brought..modern and chic!..most importantly, she kept everything within my budget..puas hati :) its easy to work with people when they really doing it out of passion...

i also met one of our dear blogger...and it went well - as well ;p ....she will be doing centerpieces for all the guest tables, candy-buffet, and guestbook table...a new potential vendor i must say :)

finally, i decided on my decorator..FINALLY!!!.. i approached 3 vendors on early February..only now, i made up my mind after considering soooooo many things... i was very undecided back then...hey, its every brides most concern what, rite?..mestilah nak yang the best kan...fiance selalu nasihatkan i -repeatedly- to trust whoever vendor that i choose and let them vent out their ideas...inshaAllah, everything will turn out fine...

today, i realized banyak lagi benda yang belum settle...and looking at the wedding ticker, i got freaked out

but, belum pon apa2 lagi...i dah dapat my first wedding gift... :)

its a necklace from Tiffany&Co..its a gift from Ai Wei, my BFF since secondary school, my partner in crime..LOL...she's an architect currently working in Australia,hence she wont make it to my wee-day *sob..sob..sob* sedih kan when ur own bestie yg sama2 'membesar' tak dapat nak witness the most important day in ur life... :(

tapi fiance lagi sedih bila tak dapat nak share this wedding gift with me...hehehe...jk!


NahWaL said...

can we share the same best friend please? HAHA.

bride2wife said...

hahaha... ;p

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Alhamdulillah.. At least you managed to sort out quite a bit. Lahhh.. Deco nape tak tanya i? I deco dearie.. Takpe lah.. Nanti you dah ada baby can do your baby shower for you.. *winks*

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Tiffany & Co okay? Coolness! Baiknye your BFF. Lucky!

Aish, I'm having headache scouting for decorators. I can be very fickle minded sometimes.

bride2wife said...

sarah: i baru tau u buat deco dear!hehe..

tss: im was very undecisive also..Alhamdulillah im happy with my choice. good luck babe!