Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dreamy Bouquet

Do u want to carry this 'handbouquet' on your wedding day??..

Of cos la tak kan..geli kan!hehehe..found it when I was googling on bridal handbouquet the other night. I needed to find pictures to show to Kak Wanie soo that it would be easier for her..(rather than telling her this and that!)..

I want something different..I don't want something that looks 'uniform'...

perhaps this suitable for my bridesmaid

oh..I love peonis...

and I love love cymbidium orchid...

and these combo of calla lilies and tulips ..hmm..sangat sweet

can we get this lily of the valley here? smells soo good..

I wanted a tall...hand tied bouquet. combination of lots of flowers...(minus the colour!)...

.....something sweeter like this....

and something greenish for my nikah

ohh..nak semualah!!! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ustaz oh ustaz!

Soo much of wanting to start a blog..but never update it!!..haha..hmm..been busy with work la.. work is not that busy. Working in a district hospital occasionally we'll be ventilating few sick babies in a month and once in awhile will be getting an ill patients. this month alone, I've encountered 3 death..that equals to 3 reports to be done..and if im "LUCKY" 3 presentations to present for hospital mortality meeting..but the tiring part was doing a very frequent oncalls. The fact of being oncall is just damn tiring cos u cant go anywhere and just be at the hospital to standby..just imagine 52 hours in the hospital!!!..guess that's the reason why my excitement for wedding has gone down...

To get the excitement back, I decided to take a long break :) tak la lama sgt, 4 days je to run errands..mainly to settle borang permohonan nikah and meeting few ppl..plusss..updating my blog..hehe

Soo last night, I went to meet jurunikah at my kawasan cos i plan to nikah outside of my kawasan..girls, whats ur exprience meeting up ur jurunikah?..cos mine, I was interviewed by the ustaz for 1 1/2 hrs!!!!

The ustaz asked me to meet him after isya'..soo, off I went to the pejabat masjid together with my parents, eldest sister + brother-in-law (as saksi) and my 2 younger brothers..haaa,semangat kan!!haha..

First thing he said when I entered his room "jemputla duduk..kita borak2 sikit.." heart began palpating, nervous u!!...then, he passed me a paper with a check list sambil belek2 all my nikah documents " ha, soalan2 lazim"(then dia gelak2 with my dad!)..I just took the paper n kept it in my file (sambil sengeh2 :) sbb blurr).

In the paper written

  1. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah
  2. membaca selawat/istighfar
  3. membaca azan dan iqamat
  4. Membaca tasbih/rukuk/sujud
  5. doa iftitah
  6. niat solat fardu/waktu2 haram solat
  7. niat puasa/ zakat fitrah
  8. baca fatihah
  9. bacaan qunut
  10. baca tahayat awal/ akhir
  11. sujud tilawah
  12. lupa dalam solat/ sujud sahwi
  13. doa duduk antara dua sujud
  14. fardu wudhu
  15. fardu mandi/ tayammum
  16. rukun sembahyang
  17. pembatal wudhu
  18. solat qasar/ jamak dan niat2nya
  19. rukun Iman/ Islam
  20. sifat wajib, mustahil dan harus bagi Allah
  21. sifat wajib, mustahil dan harud bagi Rasul
  22. kitab2 yg diturunkan Allah
  23. bilangan surah dalam Quran
  24. hukum2 syarak
  25. hukum akal/ adat
  26. nama2 Nabi (10org)
  27. nabi2 Ulul Azmi/ kisah2nya
  28. perkara2 hadas besar
  29. haram semasa hadas besar
  30. haram semasa hadas kecil
  31. hukum Istinjak
  32. jenis2 air mutlak
  33. bahagian air
  34. sunat Ab'ad (tujuh)
  35. sunat Hai ah
  36. tempat sunat mengangkat tangan ketika solat
  37. najis dan bahagiannya
  38. cara menyuci najis
  39. darah2 perempuan
  40. bacaan 10 ayat lazim
  41. pergi mengambil wudhu dan baca Quran
  42. berkaitan jatuh talak
  43. talak Raj 'ie/ Ba in
  44. hukum Zihar/ kifarat Zihar
  45. rukun nikah
  46. Ila'/ Lian
  47. tugas dan tanggungjawab suami/ isteri
  48. lafaz terima nikah
  49. rosak akidah
  50. perempuan yg haram dikahwini
Tiba2, he asked me to mengucap..selesai mengucap, then suruh istighfar..selesai istighfar, then recite fatihah...selesai baca fatihah, then suruh I baca all the niat untuk solat 5 waktu..from that moment, I know he has alot to ask!!!..

Memang nervous nyah!..menggeletar suara I jawab semua soalan2 ustaz, sampai bila I sebut niat solat I start with "nawaitu fardu..." apalagi, terbahak2 semua org gelak!!..macam2 soalan dia tanya, niat solat qasar/jamak, rukun Iman/Islam, Sifat2 Allah, jenis2 darah perempuan, rukun2 solat, bacaan qunut, tahayat awal/akhir etc2 each of it he asked in details...most of it are basics, but when you are nervous..everything seems to be fall apart..everytime I tak boleh jawab, I'll smile at my dad and he smiled back at me..sejuk hati :) im lucky to have a dad like my dad :) he tried his best untuk lengkapkan anak2 dgn ilmu agama which he never got it before when he was a youngster..tapi, anak2 dia mmg nakal! ;p

It was almost 11pm, ustaz pon stop.."kalau boleh, banyak lagi soalan2 ustaz nak tanya..tapi ustaz dah ngantok"..huh..lega rasa dalam hati!!..before we left, ustaz pon bagi nasihat and he pointed out reasons for asking all those questions...

Come to think about it, im glad the ustaz asked what he needed to ask..for all the answers that I couldn't get, that was my made me realized how important for u to know and recapitulate all these basic things to lead ur family..getting married is not only about you and your better half, but starting a family...and it's in your hand how you gonna bring them up...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

first gift..


the 'meeting-up' with Niki went well. i love all the samples that she brought..modern and chic!..most importantly, she kept everything within my budget..puas hati :) its easy to work with people when they really doing it out of passion...

i also met one of our dear blogger...and it went well - as well ;p ....she will be doing centerpieces for all the guest tables, candy-buffet, and guestbook table...a new potential vendor i must say :)

finally, i decided on my decorator..FINALLY!!!.. i approached 3 vendors on early February..only now, i made up my mind after considering soooooo many things... i was very undecided back then...hey, its every brides most concern what, rite?..mestilah nak yang the best kan...fiance selalu nasihatkan i -repeatedly- to trust whoever vendor that i choose and let them vent out their ideas...inshaAllah, everything will turn out fine...

today, i realized banyak lagi benda yang belum settle...and looking at the wedding ticker, i got freaked out

but, belum pon apa2 lagi...i dah dapat my first wedding gift... :)

its a necklace from Tiffany&Co..its a gift from Ai Wei, my BFF since secondary school, my partner in crime..LOL...she's an architect currently working in Australia,hence she wont make it to my wee-day *sob..sob..sob* sedih kan when ur own bestie yg sama2 'membesar' tak dapat nak witness the most important day in ur life... :(

tapi fiance lagi sedih bila tak dapat nak share this wedding gift with me...hehehe...jk!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yesterday i received my nikah doorgift from was perfect!!...everybody seems to be very satisfied with it..Alhamdulillah :)

I always wanted to give something Islamic as a doorgift for my akad..i want it to be special and can 'last' for after life.. Initially, i wanted to give out Yassin, but my mom and fiance insisted on Asmaul Husna..well, i dun mind afterall... i love to hear ppl reciting Asmaul Husna yg mcm nasyid tu, but sometimes i pon lupa :)

This Asmaul Husna is about a palm size and its not too thick. The cover was made of a thick paper, layered with a sponge..(soo,its kinda spongy abit)..and the outer most wrapped with a 'baldu' type of cloth..u can pick any colour u like but the choices are very limited..i choose purple..and the wordings inside u can have it as u ur name, date, etc (with no additional charges).. it also comes with a transparent box, soo i dun need to crack my head to find ways to pack it..perhaps i just need to tie it with a purple ribbon...

I wud love to have a customize ribbons for my wedding..the one which can print our name on it tu, but i dunno where to get hoping that anyone who knows where to find the vendor can share the info with me..thanks :)