Sunday, April 25, 2010

venue secured

Last time, i always imagine that my wedding will be held in a very nice banquet hall..spacious, a grand deco, with a formal setting and fully seated dinner....when i walk down the aisle with my better half, everyone will lay their eye on me..oh ;p!!..

After attending sooo many weddings, suddenly it just struck me.."hmmm...i want something different for mine lah"...there goes my so called dream wedding...

July last year, fiance's brother had a garden reception at Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI. It was a very simple wedding yang pernah i attend...veeeeeeery simple, i kid u not! pelamin, no deco, no meja beradab...nothing!!. Basically yang ada just canopies and a cake cutting table..but yet, masyaAllah...that night was just BEAUTIFUL...angin sepoi2 bahasa, good food, the informalities, the mingling around of pengantin and tetamu, the music..everything lah..oh my, i really enjoyed myself...

Some of the pictures that i can share...

Before guests memenuhkan only came from the canopies and one spotlight..
i planned to penuhkan the place with fairy lights

i lurve open air concept

cake cutting table and live performances; silat and 2-piece band :)

this entrance memang gelap..soo, i planned to penuhkan dengan fairy lights juga.. :)
*please excuse muka yang masam tu

That moment on, i know what i want for my OUTDOOR reception...aaaaaannnd...its gonna be at the same place people!!...hahaha...sooo..we secured the place for OUR DATE!.. :)

We also did some study about the place during daytime and snapped few pictures soo that we can show it to our dear decorater..

the main tapak to place canopies

this site will turn into lepak2 place

dun u all like the small trees?..very cute! i want this site to be canopy-less..hehe..again..i lurve open air concept...

Initially, we did some survey @ any other potential place like KGPA, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Lake Garden, Laman Budaya (SA), Botanical Garden (Putrajaya) and even FRIM (Kepong)..but we kinda like Taman Rimba above all places...reasons being..
  • its cheap! We only paid RM400. RM200 for the place and another RM200 as a deposit (which u can claim back)
  • privatize toilet Sangat penting ok...
  • near to our place So family won't be kelam kabut if barang tertinggal..(selalu jadi kan?)
  • more privacy The park has one entrance, plus its a gated compound
Well, fiance was very happy as he always fancied a garden wedding and my family excited jugak since this gonna be our first outdoor reception...i hope everything will turn out fine and semestinya i tak nak hujaaaaannnnn....

Soo, bomoh stop hujan anyone??....hehehe....


saltvinegar said...

Good luck girl! Love your blog!

bride2wife said...

thanks darl!..this wedding fever will last till April next year ;)

zaa said...

hi there, i like to read your blog too..the detailness and esp this post makes me thinking to do a garden wedding too!(when i get married laterrr) hehe
good luck in preparing for your wedding :)


bride2wife said...

hi zaa..thanks for dropping by.. :) said...

hi babe..
btw, what should i call u eh? hehe

i love d idea of garden wedding ni.. because we planned to have it *fiance's side* at taman tasik metropolitan, kepong.. *tapi x survey pn lagi* ;p

banyak factors needs to be considered kan? like u mentioned, privatized toilet is MUST kan?

bride2wife said... call me tahira :)
yerp..privatize toilet is a MUST!!..hehe..hey,share bout ur garden wedding plans as well k..

idayusof said...

wahhh. open air concept would be just nice. it will be a nice wedding... all the best! acik link blog awak ye

bride2wife said...

idayusof: i link u as well :)

LaXmana said...

just a random reader..

if you don't mind, can i have the contact person to book for the place?! don't worry i'm not gonna compete for the same date :P mine would be end of next year.

selamat pengantin baru to youu..

bride2wife said...


hi..if u'r interested to rent the place, you can meet the person in charge at their main office @Lake Garden

Anonymous said...

hi tahira! i know this post was from a long time ago. but i'm also going to have my wedding in taman rimba kiara next year. where exactly in lake garden is the office to make the booking?

and how long before your wedding that you made the booking?

thanks! :)

armin said...


I would like to plan for my brothers wedding at taman rimba ttdi. Could you advise me where do i go in terms of doing the booking there?

Your help is very much appriciate.
Thanking you in advance :)

armin said...


I am planning for my brothers wedding sometime next year.Could you advise me on where do i go about in terms of doing a booking at taman rimba TTDI?

your help is very much appriciated, thanking you in advance :)