Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Invitation

I'm getting married in 2 months time, but my wedding card issue is still not settled...and people keep pestering me to get it sorted out soon since we gonna distribute it in early June..pfttt...

I'm not a big fan of hardcover card, but since i went to Jakarta last month, i thought it wud be easy for me to get it done there since its cheap, plus my future FIL works and stays in Jakarta..(soo, shipping wont be a problem) cos he travels back to Malaysia quite often..

Before i flew to Jakarta, i did some research (baca blog sana sini & asked around) so that bila sampai sana i know what i can get and where i shud go for wedding stuff hunting...(thanks to bloggers bride esp WLT, Diahlicious, etc2)...

Pasar Tebet is a very popular place for kartu undangan. I dun know why, some said lagi banyak choices. When i first step into the gosh!!...Ya Allah! i never imagine the place to be sooooooooo buruk!!...ala2 Puduraya pon ada ;p There were soo many kedai within that cramped building and kedai2 kartu undangan mainly located at the basement floor. Basically, all shops offering the same design of cards and we finally ended up not knowing which shop to choose. Mata dah rambang, perut dah lapar...semua kedai & kad nampak sama..hehe.

dun they look the same

one of the maaaany shops

Dengan mengikut gerak hati, finally we went into this one particular shop, Undangan Exclusive. Herman was one of their graphic designer who entertained us the other day. He's young and very polite. We dun face any problems during discussion since my future MIL mmg sangat fluent with their language. After discuss punya discuss, eventually we finalized our undangan, the wordings, design, colours and the map. He promised to email me the draft, subsequently will be negotiating thru emails/phonecalls...--> deposit paid --> one list down --> happyyy! :)

One and a half months later, he emailed me the draft (after being reminded by the in-laws). My..oh my...terkejut i tengok the draft. i dun like the tone of the colour, ejaan nama sume salah, map pon suruh buat yang baru (grhhhh!!!..penat2 i buat then senang2 minta buat yg baru!!), and the design is not similar to what we have discussed was very dissapointing :( Being very naive, i never thought that i wud face this kinda problem..dalam keadaan yang dah genting, i decided to go for a local vendor who can custom made my wedding invitation within this short period of time..but who??...*sedih and stress..deposit pon burnt macam tu je :(

Thanks to blogging world, i found Faizah from ilikecard thru Sabsabby's blog. The cards are all very simple and AFFORDABLE..she also offered cute boxes as a doorgift which i fell in love with. Can't agree more with Sab, she is super nice and fast (one day i called her for a sample, the next 2 days it arrived at my door!). SADLY, she won't be able to provide my kartu. She'll be on a long leave in May and scared that the cards won't be ready on dissapointed as i am, i'm very glad that she's being honest to me. However, i still got my wedding favours settled with her...yayy!!

Life goes on..(ececeh..) i came across few vendors who does make customize invitations, one of it was PaperThrill. The owner is a Chineese girl, based in Subang. She makes nice and simple designs too. But the price is waaaaaay out of my budget. I desprately needed someone who can design me my dream invitations within my budget yg ciput. I dun want it to be expensive cos at the end of the bin u go!!! Not many people will actually collect wedding cards except from my mom..hehe ( she kept it for the sake of keeping the address..senang nak cari katanya :) )

Few designs by PaperThrill which caught my eyes

Finally, i emailed Niki from glamourpusscards. I love her creativeness, and i adore her own wedding cards which she made for herself (esp for her tea reception). Knowing her taste (from her blog :)), im pretty sure that her range of cards wud be very expensive. Agaknya im not in the right state of mind, i beranikan myself to email her last week for inquiry :) Alhamdulillah, she replied and willing to help soooo...soooo...soooo over the moon.. :D there's still hope for me to get what i want

Since both of us had a very busy schedule this week, we plan to meet next week. Meanwhile, she will create some samples for me..Hopefully everything goes well with her and i can just goyang my kaki waiting for it to be ready..hehe..

Oh..i love these designs..(and the colour too!)

..and these pocket cards are wayyy out of my budget..hehe..but luving it soo much!

perhaps with my small budget, i can only have this??..

Now, time to be grateful with whatever im gonna get and make do with whatever budget that i have...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

venue secured

Last time, i always imagine that my wedding will be held in a very nice banquet hall..spacious, a grand deco, with a formal setting and fully seated dinner....when i walk down the aisle with my better half, everyone will lay their eye on me..oh ;p!!..

After attending sooo many weddings, suddenly it just struck me.."hmmm...i want something different for mine lah"...there goes my so called dream wedding...

July last year, fiance's brother had a garden reception at Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI. It was a very simple wedding yang pernah i attend...veeeeeeery simple, i kid u not! pelamin, no deco, no meja beradab...nothing!!. Basically yang ada just canopies and a cake cutting table..but yet, masyaAllah...that night was just BEAUTIFUL...angin sepoi2 bahasa, good food, the informalities, the mingling around of pengantin and tetamu, the music..everything lah..oh my, i really enjoyed myself...

Some of the pictures that i can share...

Before guests memenuhkan only came from the canopies and one spotlight..
i planned to penuhkan the place with fairy lights

i lurve open air concept

cake cutting table and live performances; silat and 2-piece band :)

this entrance memang gelap..soo, i planned to penuhkan dengan fairy lights juga.. :)
*please excuse muka yang masam tu

That moment on, i know what i want for my OUTDOOR reception...aaaaaannnd...its gonna be at the same place people!!...hahaha...sooo..we secured the place for OUR DATE!.. :)

We also did some study about the place during daytime and snapped few pictures soo that we can show it to our dear decorater..

the main tapak to place canopies

this site will turn into lepak2 place

dun u all like the small trees?..very cute! i want this site to be canopy-less..hehe..again..i lurve open air concept...

Initially, we did some survey @ any other potential place like KGPA, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Lake Garden, Laman Budaya (SA), Botanical Garden (Putrajaya) and even FRIM (Kepong)..but we kinda like Taman Rimba above all places...reasons being..
  • its cheap! We only paid RM400. RM200 for the place and another RM200 as a deposit (which u can claim back)
  • privatize toilet Sangat penting ok...
  • near to our place So family won't be kelam kabut if barang tertinggal..(selalu jadi kan?)
  • more privacy The park has one entrance, plus its a gated compound
Well, fiance was very happy as he always fancied a garden wedding and my family excited jugak since this gonna be our first outdoor reception...i hope everything will turn out fine and semestinya i tak nak hujaaaaannnnn....

Soo, bomoh stop hujan anyone??....hehehe....

Friday, April 9, 2010

how do i start?where should i begin?

i've been wanting to post a new entry in this blog, but how do i start?...

3 months left before my big day, and here i am..just starting to blog around :)

progress has been slow so far...choosing a venue, finding a designer, deciding on photographer, calling all potential vendors, Jakarta trip..and bla...bla...bla...

soo, where should i begin??...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

star date april 6 journey begins... journal begins... exhibition...and the never ending phone bills...
this were the commonalities i had to go thru since i uttered the words 'i do'...

blogs, bloggers and blog walking...ever since i first laid eyes on my first ever wedding blog, i was immediately hooked onto the endless new entries which were abundant on a daily after day, each passing minute was spent on reading blog after blog...even my fiance was 2nd to my blog hopping ;)(you know you gals out there did it too...hehehe)...

blogging i am not good at...even to call myself an amateur i am not..but blogging for me is to share..for spurring new ideas...and most of get a 'life' outside of the daily 8-5 (not including the late night shifts!)..

the daily "glances" on the world wide web of blogging spurred my itchy lil fingers to start typing but never did i (well..who will read mine??!), however the daily updates of some of the bloggers, keeping the information fresh and fun, inspired me to start my own...and soo... much push and nag by my fiance!)..hahaha..

wassalam..and adieu..